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Hint: Putting the Name of the Person your Searching for in Quotes:   "Persons Name"  will insure that both the first & last name are together in the results, and reduce the number of undesired results returned from your search. If the name you search for is in quotes, and there's a middle name or initial, it needs to be included in the search, or it will be excluded from any search results you receive. If Internet Explorer's Cross Site Scripting Filter blocks your search results, go back to the "People" page, and click the link to this page again, then try your search again. Another option is:
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools and choose Internet Options from the Menu bar.
Click the Security Tab and choose Custom level.
Look for for Enable XSS Filter in the list of options, and click Disable.
You will now be able to display Custom Google Search Results on your Browser.


Links PageDownloadsPeopleVideoGames MenuEducational
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