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Sending free text messages to mobile phones for Free

Sending SMS text messages to your friends, coworkers and family is a great way to relay a quick message when a phone call is inconvenient or is not necessary.
Cell phone service providers also know this, and charge fees for sending text messages.
Here are a few ways to avoid those fees:
Sending text messages to mobile phones right from your PC using your email client, or web based email.
Sending text messages to mobile phones using the email client or browser based email on your smart phone.

An SMS gateway is a service offering transmission or receipt of SMS messages with or without the use of a mobile phone.
Typical use of a gateway would be to forward simple e-mail to a mobile phone recipient.
SMS: Short Message Service Abbreviated as SMS:
SMS is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address.
MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service:
MMS can contain any combination of text, images, and audio.

With a little bit of set up, one can add a customized email address for texting a persons cell phone, to their address book.
One can then use email service to replace out going SMS and MMS text messages, with out incurring the SMS, MMS charges.

Send SMS and MMS messages through your email client.
Following are formats for some popular carriers:

[10-digit phone number]

AT&T (formerly Cingular)
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)
[10-digit phone number]

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]

Nextel (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit telephone number]

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

[10-digit phone number]

US Cellular
[10-digit phone number] (SMS)
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] (MMS)

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]

Carrier Region Email to SMS SMS to email Number Message Format
aql UK 44 7766 40 41 42 email address (space) text
aql 07766 40 41 42 email address (space) text
AT&T Wireless USA 111 or 121 email address (space) text
AT&T Wireless (Old) USA 111 or 121 email address (space) text
AT&T Mobility USA   36245 email address (space) text
T-Mobile USA 500 email address (space) text
T-Mobile Croatia 100 email address##subject#text
Plus GSM Poland   119999 email address (space) text
Orange Poland   102 email address (space) text

Below is the complete list of (currently known) Email to SMS Gateways.
Using the list below simply replace the n in each entry with the desired mobile number.
Send an email to this address and a message will be sent automatically to mobile device for which mobile number you put in place of n.

AUSTRALIA T-Mobile/Optus Zoo
BULGARIA Mtel Globul
CANADA Aliant Bell Mobility Fido MTS Mobility Rogers Wireless Sasktel Mobility Telus Virgin Mobile
GERMANY T-Mobile Vodafone O2 E-Plus
ICELAND OgVodafone Siminn
INDIA Andhra Pradesh AirTel Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular Chennai Skycell / Airtel Chennai RPG Cellular Delhi Airtel Delhi Hutch Gujarat Idea Cellular Gujarat Airtel Gujarat Celforce / Fascel Goa Airtel Goa BPL Mobile Goa Idea Cellular Haryana Airtel Haryana Escotel Himachal Pradesh Airtel Karnataka Airtel Kerala Airtel Kerala Escotel Kerala BPL Mobile or Kolkata Airtel Madhya Pradesh Airtel Maharashtra Airtel Maharashtra BPL Mobile Maharashtra Idea Cellular Mumbai Airtel Mumbai BPL Mobile Punjab Airtel Pondicherry BPL Mobile Tamil Nadu Airtel Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile Tamil Nadu Aircel Uttar Pradesh West Escotel
3** Vodafone
JAPAN AU by KDDI NTT DoCoMo Vodafone Chuugoku/Western Vodafone Hokkaido Vodafone Hokuriko/Central North Vodafone Kansai/West, including Osaka Vodafone Kanto/Koushin/East, including Tokyo Vodafone Kyuushu/Okinawa Vodafone Shikoku Vodafone Touhoku/Niigata/North Vodafone Toukai/Central Willcom Willcom di Willcom dj Willcom dk
SPAIN Telefonica Movistar Vodafone
UNITED STATES Teleflip Alltel Ameritech ATT Wireless Bellsouth Boost CellularOne CellularOne MMS Cingular Edge Wireless Sprint PCS T-Mobile Metro PCS Nextel O2 Orange Qwest Rogers Wireless Telus Mobility US Cellular Verizon Virgin Mobile
UNITED KINGDOM O2 #1 O2 #2 Orange T-Mobile Virgin Mobile Vodafone

Open Email to SMS Service

You can use this to send SMS direct to most mobiles for free.
Simply select your Country & Network from the list, enter your mobile phone number and press GoĽ.
This will Send an email to your phones address, resulting in an SMS being sent to your mobile device. This will contain your phones email address.
You can give your SMS Email to your contacts to allow them to get in touch with you for free, from their PC.
Donít forgot to tell them to get their own so you can do the same.

Using this WILL incur a text message charge, if your phone has email, using it will save you the text message charges.

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