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Phone Directories and Reverse Phone Look Ups

Dex Knows
Click View Free Details for more free information

Zaba Search

Also does searches by other categories

Search Bug - Phone Reverse Look-up
Tabs are also available to search by Name, Address, or email

That's Them

Reverse Phone Lookup

White Pages


Facebook Search
Find people from a phone number, name, or email, even if you are not friends on Facebook - You need to log in to actually get results

Google Phonebook
Type your Reverse Search Phone Number after phonebook: in the Google Search box.

US Search
Use Reverse Cell Phone Search- Free Preliminary Results Include: Cell Area Code Location, and the Owners Billing City of Residence.

Use individually, or use Reverse Phone Look Up, then put the name from that into Locate People for Free, to get even more information.
Reverse Address Look Up
White Pages



Locate People for Free
Take advantage of the FREE information these pages provide. These links are organized with the best Free information sources at the TOP of this list. While many of these sources still want money for the information they claim to withhold, most people should be able to harvest more information than they need, from the preliminary results, obtained using these links, for free. Harvest free preliminary results from multiple sites. Searching different ways (search by phone, search by name) may reveal different preliminary results, on each individual site, providing more information to harvest. Note: the Tips under the links will help you get more Free information out of your Search.

Zaba Search
Use Zaba to get preliminary information, which may be useful in further searches on sites like Pipl.

Also does searches by other categories

Search Bug People Finder
If result indicates full address available, they likely are currently living in another location. Try searching other states or locations.
Search with or without a middle initial, for different results. Tabs are also available to search by Address, Phone, or email

Pipl acquires results from MANY sources based on a single search and provides one page of links to results, with brief descriptions.
Right click the link, and select "Open in New Tab" to keep your search results page, while viewing information from the links.

Facebook Search
Find people from a phone number, name, or email, even if you are not friends on Facebook - You need to log in to actually get results


That's Them


People Finder

US Search
Use the People Search feature
Free Preliminary Results may include their Age, Locations (most recent on top), the Names of their Relatives, studied at, and worked at.

Using the "Find Anyone Now" section at the BOTTOM of the MyLife page may provide you with some useful Free Information.

People Lookup
Search by Name, Public Records, or Advanced, other Searches yield little to nothing of any use.

Clicking on a result, or on "More results", will take you to the free portion of results to your search from other various People Search Sites. Hint: Scroll down & look.

Look Up Anyone

People Smart
Preliminary information gives aka, age, previous locations, and relatives

People Looker
Preliminary information gives aka, age, previous locations, and relatives

Preliminary information gives age, previous locations, and relatives

World Search for a COMPANY NOT A PERSON

Find Free Information About People
HINTS for Finding Freely Available Information About People:

The Locate People section above is organized to start at the TOP and work your way down. (This will give a good foundation for future searches)
Hint: If you are having trouble caused by too many results from your search, and can not narrow down the results accurately (due to missing information from your initial searches-which provide the foundation for your later searches) try searching for the persons relatives to get a middle initial or age  for the person you're actually searching for, from their relatives "relative list". Initial searches should provide a list of known relatives.
If a relative lives at the same address, the phone may be listed in their name. You may get a Phone number from searching their relatives name.
Additional information on people may be found by looking up online:
Assessment Records or Property Appraisal Records, for Property owned by any person you are researching, in the County where they reside.
The Appraisal Records Web Site Search features work by either name or address.
Therefore, the Appraisal Records Web Site Search feature can also be used to find out who owns property at a given address.
Records can also be found on the Clerk of the Courts or Prothonotary of the Courts Web Site, in the County the person resides,
by use of the sites search by name feature. These are all considered Public Records. Access to most of them is Free, and available to the public.
Don't know the name of the county? Try searching the City, and State followed by the word "County" in Google, and Look for the County name.
Utilize the Social Networking Sites (Below) to find People. 123 People, above,  searches many Social Networking Sites for you, and lists results.
Many people have profiles on Social Networking Sites (Search them), which may even include a photo, to help you determine the correct person.
The Social Networking profile information typically includes location, and sometimes even contact information will be available.
Try Searching Google for the information it can find on the web using the Persons Name in Quotes.
For example, to Search for John Doe, you would type:    "John Doe"    in the Google Search Box. Notice the quotes around John Doe.
Note: Using a Middle Name or Initial will get you LESS Results (Search Matches) not more.
To narrow the search results for Jane Doe to only include results for Jane Doe located in Georgia, Type:    "Jane Doe" Georgia
Try Skipease for an index of public records searches.
If you are doing a Criminal Search looking for Criminal Records on a person, use the Free searches above to obtain a list of places they have resided, and then look up the publically available information in the appropriate court web sites for the locations they have been.
GovEngine is a national index of Federal and State Court web sites, to help you quickly locate the courts you'll need for your Criminal Search.
USA.Gov searches for links to public record web sites.
If you want to check out your new date, a neighbor, adults associated with a new friend of your kids, or maybe your daughters new boyfriend, to make sure they're not sex offenders try the National Sex Offender Web Site or (Family Watchdog - Use the list option to search your neighborhood).
Use Call Spoofing to get information from people who would not normally give it to you, by impersonating someone they would give information to.

Reverse Image Search

A reverse image search is great if an image is all you have, or if the person you are searching for, is using an alias.
This will locate their image, elsewhere on the internet, using facial recognition technology.
Not sure if someone is a scammer?. Look up their image, to see if they stole it from someone else.
Have an image of, or surveillance of someone doing something wrong? Want to find out who they are?
Reverse image search them, and get your answers!

Search online for someone by photo / image file, or URL, and find places where that image appears online.

Image Searches using Google, Bing, and Yandex image searches engines.

Enter a URL or click the upload image button , then the Upload image button on left side of the search box, and browse for the image you wish to search for. Then scroll down to the search provider box, and click each of the Check Image buttons to get your search results from each of the search providers.

Reverse Image Search Google

Search online for someone by photo / image file, or URL, and find places where that image appears online.

Click the Camera Icon, then either enter the image URL in the "Paste image URL" box or Click "Upload an image", then brows for the image file you wish to Google search the web for, by clicking on the Browse button, and browsing.
You may need to crop the individual you are searching for, out of a photo, in order to get better results, if there are other people in the image.

Reverse Image Search Bing

Wait and Click the Camera Icon, when it appears - Enter URL, or Click upload an image - browse and upload your image

Reverse Image Search Yandix

Enter URL, or Click the camera icon - Click the button on the left - browse and upload your image

Reverse Image Search Baidu

Enter URL, or Click the camera icon - Click the button on the left - browse and upload your image

Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

Search online for someone by photo / image file, or URL, and find places where that image appears online.

OTHER Look Up Searches
If you are going to Pay for Information
Look Up a Corporation

To Look UP information on a Corporation:
Click the link above.
Scroll to the bottom, and select the State of the Corporation you wish to look up.
Click the link for that state's Secretary of State under number 1 in the left column.
Enter your search information (business name).

Call Spoofing
Note: BestYouCanGet is still evaluating Call Spoofing Services - We can't say which is best yet!


SpoofCard offers both FREE Test Drive and Paid services.
SpoofCard offers one the ability to alter the caller ID information received by the person receiving the phone call. (Free & Paid)
SpoofCard allows the caller to optionally alter their voice to appear male or female to the recipient of the call. (Paid Service Only)
SpoofCard allows the caller to record, download as an MP3 & listen to their calls, or share them via email, Facebook & Twitter. (Paid Only)SpoofCard allows the caller to optionally bypass ringing the called persons phone, and go straight to their voicemail to leave a message. (Paid Only)
Works over land line telephones, cellular phones, and your computer. FREE Call Spoofing App download available for most smart phones.
Spoofcard has the lowest per minute price of any service that we have found, without going to a monthly auto-renewing billing plan.
Phone spoofing is legal in all 50 states in the United States. Your application of it may or may not be illegal.

Some Legal Uses Include:
Protect or hide your personal phone numbers from business clients who do not accept blocked numbers. i.e. A doctor calling patients back.
Test to see if someone is ignoring your calls, but answering someone else's.
Make it appear that you are somewhere you are not.
Catch a cheating spouse or cheat on a spouse.
Calling back an unknown number.
Responding to Classified Ads.
Certain prank calls to friends. (harmless pranks)

Some of the shady and possibly illegal applications may include (informational purposes only - to protect yourself):
Get information from someone who would otherwise not give it to you, by impersonating someone else.
Hack into someone's voicemail, like a rival or a spouse (Note: this is felony trespass / eavesdropping if you get caught) by calling their number from their own number (spoofed) to gain access to their voicemail. Many voicemail services will allow access to the number the voicemail service is to.
Cancel or alter someone's phone or other account by appearing to be calling from the accounts associated phone number.
Stalking someone.
Verify / activate a stolen credit card, in order to begin use, by calling from the persons home phone number (spoofed) in order to activate it.
Talk someone out of an account number, password or other sensitive information by impersonating someone else or an organization.
(For these reasons you should the utilize password features on all your accounts, including voicemail, and your phone account itself) Never trust anyone calling in to you about anything potentially sensitive, no matter what!!! Just say to them "look, can I call you back?"
Note: Most law enforcement, and financial institutions numbers are blacklisted from Call Spoofing service.
80% of users are women trying to catch a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend!
This service is only illegal if used to commit fraud, or cause some type of harm.
Your real Caller ID will never be revealed to common people, but there is a record, and it is possible to trace it, if  law enforcement is involved.
Paid Service uses credits. Credits are for minutes used. Most calls cost 1 credit per minute:
$4.95 (25 Credits) (5.05 cents per credit)
$9.95 (60 Credits) (6.03 cents per credit)
$19.95 (130 Credits) (6.52 cents per credit)
$79.95 (560 Credits) (7 cents per credit)
$299.95 (2500 Credits) (8.33 cents per minute)
Discount coupon code 0808 can be used
towards the purchase of any size SpoofCard.
Get SpoofCard Coupons

You Sign Up for your pin when you buy credits!
Spoofcard has the lowest per minute price of any service that we have found, without
going to a monthly auto-renewing billing plan!
There are other services that will spoof sms text, and email as well, but cost more per
minute. SpoofCard does not offer sms & email spoofing at the time of this writing.
(Free options & potential work around's for sms & email spoofing coming soon!)

Test Drive seems quirky - Test revealed
1 blocked number, and 1 spoofed number but not the number entered, when dialing from the first phone.
Two more test calls both worked perfectly dialed from a different phone. Test Calls last one minute. You get 3 per dialing phone with SpoofCard.

Note: Most of the per Credit or per Minute Rates have been calculated and rounded for many of the Rates shown on this web page.
These Rates also assume the one credit per one minute rate, which is assumed to be the most common as it typically applies to the USA and Canada.

Other Call Spoofing Services offering a Free Test Other Call Spoofing Services

SpoofTel - With Voice Change in Test Call
10˘/min + .25˘/Call
+.25˘/for voice change & +50˘/to record
also +50˘/sms & +50˘/email

Telespoof 16 2/3˘/min
Has voice change, & record.
No sms or email spoof.

Phone Gangster 16 2/3˘/min
Has voice change, & record.
No sms or email spoof.

After Intellas, SpoofTel's price will be
better or worse than the "other" /min
service providers prices, depending
on your use but w/ sms & email spoof.

LiarCard $19.95/month auto-renewing
Has voice change, & record.
No sms or email spoof.
LiarCard seems to have the
best priced per month plan!

See this Review about Lie Detection Accuracy.

Spoofem approx. 11.11˘/min from $50 and up & 14.29˘/min below $50.
Has voice change, & record, sms, & email spoof.

Intellas 10˘/min & $24.99/month auto-renewing plan.
also a $49.95/month auto-renewing Business plan.
Has voice change, & record. No sms or email spoof.

Caller ID Faker Plans approx. 13 1/3˘/min @ $50, 15.2˘/min @ $25,
16 2/3˘/min @ $10 Also available a $29.99/month auto-renewing plan.
Has voice change, & record.
No sms or email spoof.
Has call spoofing Cell Phone Apps if that is important to you.

Social Networking Sites









Best You Can Get - Social Networking & Dating Site Meta Search Engine - Beta
Totally Free To Use Internet Dating Sites
Not Just Free to Sign Up!!! (Usable for Free!)
Top 1 to 11 Top 12 to 22
Connecting Singles



Book of Matches


OK Cupid


Casual Kiss

Date Hook Up

Passion Network

Plenty of Fish



Luv Free


Personal Quest


Live Date Love





Online Dating Site Usage Hints

1) The more dating sites you sign up to, the more you increase your chances for success!
Compose, and refine common profile information like: (Headline, About Me, Who you'd like to meet / what your looking for, First Date)
Save it to a file on your computer. Use it to copy and paste in to all your profiles when you sign up. Then just clean up the pasted information.
2) On sights that don't allow you to put your email address in messages to other people, try this:
When you contact someone you wish to give your email address to, add slashes to the like this:     myemail/at/y/a/h/o/o/./c/o/m
You can add a note for the person receiving the message, telling them to remove the slashes.
3) Get yourself a dedicated Free email address to use with your dating sites. This way you don't risk your main email address, if things get out of hand.
For convenience, consider getting this Free automated login utility. It will store all your logins, & enter your login information, & log you in with a click!
4) Get a Free Forwarded Phone Number that gives you total control over how its calls are received, and allows you to easily block problem callers.
The Free Forwarded Number also allows you to keep your real number private. Never give your real number out again for classified ads, or dating.
5) Where Profile Photo's, and everything you write is screened by a live person, but they let you customize your background:
Make a 200X200 .jpg photo with image software you have, or get software here. Put your email address in it, and upload it as a background image.
Make sure it's on one line, and as big as it can be, also make sure your background and font colors, and also font type make it easily legible.
6) Beware of Scammers looking for money. There are many of them out there. Any one trying to get you to send them money. Use common sense!

Get a Free Forwarded Phone Number
Google Voice
Get a Totally FREE Forwarded Phone Number with Voicemail and loaded with features!!!

Get a FREE virtual Phone Number with Voice Mail and Text, or Just add Free Voice Mail to your existing Phone Number.
Add a real additional phone number which is local to anywhere you choose with all incoming calls forwarded to the phone or phones of your choice.
Use one number to manage from just one, to all of your phones; your Google Voice number is tied to you, not to a particular device or location.
Answer Calls anywhere.
Define which phones ring, based on who's calling, and even Listen in on voicemail before answering the call.
Incoming calls forwarded to your existing phones.
Ring to multiple phones simultaneously. (i.e. Ring phones at multiple numbers simultaneously)
Smart technology routes your calls.
If you're already on a Google Voice call, it will recognize it and use call waiting to reach you at the phone you're on.
Change and schedule your "ring to" numbers.
Change and schedule extensions, call forwarding, and voice mail using web control.
Manually control or schedule a "Do Not Disturb", or turn forwarding on or off to numbers of your choice individually.
Decide which of your phones ring based on who's calling, and optionally send some callers of your choice straight to voicemail.
Block Callers from the web interface, giving them the message that your number is no longer in service, or create a Blocked Caller Group for the numbers of annoying callers you wish to have some fun with, and set that groups settings not to forward their calls to your phone. (see below)
Change settings anytime, anywhere.
Online Access.
Works with mobile phones, home phones, and work phones.
There's nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don't have to make or take calls using a computer.
No Set Up Fees - Totally Free.
Cancel anytime.
Pick your new Phone Number.
Voicemail saved like email: Save voicemail messages for as long as you'd like, star important ones, and search through them.
Voicemail transcription option: Voicemail messages will be automatically transcribed to text and sent to you via email and/or SMS.
Customize your callers' experience with optional custom voicemail greetings on individual user or group levels.
Create a custom outgoing message for the Voice Mail associated with your Blocked Caller Group mentioned above. This is just fun, not required!
If for dating, suggests using these MP3's (M1) (M2) from Rejection Hotline for the Blocked Caller Groups outgoing message.
Right Click on the Message links (M1) (M2), and click "Save Target As" to save the MP3's, then use them to record the groups outgoing message.
Have a locally recognized phone number in the places you want.
You’ll sound like you’re across the street, even if you’re across the globe.
Set up online and be functional with your new number in minutes.
International calling: Make low priced international calls from the web or from your phone.
You can also get a Google Voice Application for your Blackberry or Android Phone, or web access from other Phones. See the Video Demo Here.
Know someone with local calling service only? Get a number local to them, that forwards calls made to that number to your phone. Now they can call
Great for a Consulting Side Business without adding an extra phone line. Keep your personal number private, and schedule calls to your work hours. Also keeps your business and personal voice mails separate.

Here are some things you can do to get started with Google Voice:

  1. Read transcriptions of voicemails. Watch a video »

  2. Customize which phones ring. Watch a video »

  3. Personalize greetings for different callers. Watch a video »

  4. Make cheap international calls. Watch a video »

  5. Forward SMS to email. Watch a video »

  6. Share voicemails with friends. Watch a video »

  7. Block unwanted callers. Watch a video »

  8. Screen callers before answering. Watch a video »

  9. Access the mobile app on your phone. Watch a video »

  10. Conference call with co-workers. Watch a video »

Send Text Messages For Free

Click to Reset Free Text Frame and Send More Free Text
Get FREE Personalized Text Widget Code
FREE Personal Text Widget Code That Sends Text Messages only to you from your Social Networking or other Web Sites

With this Widget, the person using the Widget simply inserts his message and hits the "send" button. Great for Dating or Social Networking Sites!
The message can only be sent to you, and your number is hidden from the public.
Click above to go to the customization page to set up the Widget, and get your free widget code.
Put in your number, pre-defined message text, submit button text, and your cell service provider, and you're good to go!
Copy and Paste your customized Widget Code into any pages code, to add the widget to the page.
This is great for personal sites - lets people text you without giving away your number.
This is great for business sites - give your customers the opportunity to get customer support using your cell phone, without telling them your number!

Text Flooding / Bombing

Sending a large number of SMS texts or emails to a victim.
This can be done with any number of  small bombing / flooding applications, or using Firefox with the iMacros Add-on, and any Free web to SMS gateway that does not require a captcha, available on the internet. Using iMacros,  record a series of actions filling in the web SMS form with the phone number, a message, and selecting the cellular provider from the drop down list.
For email flooding, record a macro to create an email to send repeatedly to the victim, from a bogus free email account.
Macros must be recorded starting on the page you are sending from, then click the Record button, and complete all the steps necessary to create, and send 1 message. Then click the Stop button.
The macro may then be saved using the Save button. You may name it whatever you wish during the save operation.
The play feature allows you to run the macro once, or you can use the repeat macro option, which runs the macro in a loop, by setting the max box to the number of times you wish the macro to be repeated, and clicking the Play (Loop) button.

Try Posting a Free Classified Ad Online
Web Cam Sites - Beta
See the Video Page, for Videos of many of the Following People
Magicman on FaceBookMagicman on MySpace


See the Best You Can Get Video Menu  for videos of some of the above people.
Black & Bass Family Dentistry

For People who live in proximity to Lansdale Pennsylvania, Black & Bass is the best Dentist in the area. People travel from as far as New Jersey.

People Trivia

How to tell a man in Drag?

  • A females index finger is longer than her ring finger.
    A guy's index finger is the same size as his ring finger.

What's under that Miracle Bra?

  • Firm Breasts bounce 45 degrees or more when a female walks or Runs.
    Less than 45 degrees bounce, indicates they are saggy.

How many Sex Partners do Women average a Year?

  • A recent study reveals that women averaged more than 10 sex partners a year.
    The study of women, also revealed that these women are fairly committed:
    60 percent were in a committed relationship, and
    40 percent have been with a partner for more than a year…
    All Women averaged more than 10 sex partners a year!

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