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How To Use this to adjust your monitor

This set of colors are intended to get your display rendering things accurately.
There are the 3 primary colors Red, Green, and Blue on the right hand side, at the top.
There are precisely 50/50 blends of the primary colors, for Yellow (Red & Green), Cyan (Blue & Green), and Purple (Red & Blue).
There is a pure Black, an Pure White, and a pure Grey (50/50 Black & White).

The Color adjustment, adjusts how much color is displayed, not what the colors are.
Tint or Hue adjusts what the actual colors are.
Brightness adjusts Black.. It controls whether black displays as black or grey. It also effects overall perceived brightness of the display.
Contrast adjusts White. Contrast adjusts whether white is displayed as white or grey.

The adjustment procedure is as follows:
First turn Color all the way down, so that the display is only black and white.

Adjust the brightness up until black becomes grey, and then back down, until down it is precisely as black as it gets, but further adjustment makes it no blacker - NOT all the way down, just to the exact point in which turning it down further, makes it no blacker.
Adjust the Contrast down, until the white becomes grey, then back up until it is at precisely the point at which white gets no whiter - NOT all the way up, just to the exact point in which turning it up further, makes it no whiter.
NOTE: At the completion of the brightness and Contrast adjustment, the grey bar should remain pure grey a 50/50 black and white

Once the brightness and contrast are adjusted properly, turn the Color all the way up!

Now, adjust the Tint / Hue to have the proper pure red / green / blue in the primary color bars, and 50/50 red and green for yellow, 50/50 red and blue for purple, and 50/50 green and blue for cyan.
Once those are perfect, turn the color back down, until images are at a normal color level.
Photos of people, or videos, makes a reasonable source for color level adjustment purposes.
Realize that they are not always perfect, so sample a wide variety, while making this adjustment, set the level to be the best over-all.
Grass should not be neon green, and people should not look like aliens. Everything should look as natural as possible.

The Color Pattern for adjustment
White Yellow Cyan Purple Red Green Blue





























   Black       White   Grey
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