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Note: During ANY installs I uncheck all boxes to change my home page, default search engine, or install tool bars.

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Free AntiVirus Software

AVG Free
AVG Free Web Page
AVG Download Center
AVG Forum & Registration
AVG WebSite

(Excellent Free Anti-Virus Software)

Excellent Free Continuous Real Time Protection

AVG Free Edition provides an on demand scanner, resident file and email protection, Virus Vault for safe treatment of infected files
and automatic updates.
AVG Free Edition uses the same scanning engine as the commercial (Paid) version and provides all basic scanning functionality as well as real-time protection. This anti-virus has been certified to be effective at detecting 100% of in-the-wild viruses.
AVG Free's protection is Above Industry Average!
AVG scans all your incoming and outgoing emails.
A big advantage of the program is low system resource requirements and high speed of operations.
The scanning of files and folders occurs very fast. Background operations go practically un-noticed.
A good supplement to ANY Anti-Virus solution is to run manual scans with Malwarebytes (Free Version) about once a month (Available below).

AVG FREE is VERY good on its own (The best all around / well rounded free protection we have found / has all the necessary features! Some free antivirus solutions lack important features, like email or web protection, or impact system performance badly - AVG has you covered), but to really put your FREE protection solution over the top, supplement AVG Free with Malwarebytes Free Version, below, and use Malwarebytes for Monthly manual scans, and occasional manual scans, if you should ever suspect a malware problem on your system.

The Combo of AVG FREE, and Malwarebytes FREE should have one covered for pretty much anything!

AVG and Avast have merged, but will continue to provide separate products, however their underlying virus scanning technology is merging. right now, the first quarter of 2017. For now AVG offers one more area of protection, for free, and Avast offers more utilities. The utilities are nice, but I want protection. You should NOT have more than one active virus scanner, running on your machine, at one time, as they will at some point, conflict over resources, and fight each other, which will slow your computer down, in a big way, possibly making it un-usable.
The Free version of Malwarebytes is not a full-time active scanner, but an on demand scanner. On demand use wont cause that issue.

Recommend Supplementing with the FREE version of Malwarebytes and doing regular (approximately monthly) manual Malwarebytes scans.

Avast Web Site

(Very Good Free Anti-Virus Software)

Very Good Free Continuous Real Time Protection

FREE Real Time Antivirus, Spyware and Malware Protection!
Real Time Protection against Virus, Spyware and Malware threats.
Scans all incoming and outgoing Email
Web Shield scans all visited web pages, downloaded files, and java scripts.
Script Shield detects malicious scripts run by web pages, preventing them from hijacking and damaging your computer.
Virtualization technology to increase your protection.
Any application can be run in the virtual (Sandbox) environment, to prevent it from reaching your PC.
SafeZone gives you an isolated desktop, for even more sensitive operations.
Heuristics engine proactively finds malware that is undetectable with normal definitions and virus signatures.
Boot Time Scanning cleans your PC before the Windows operating system can start to activate any viruses or malware
IM Shield
P2P Shield
Network Shield
Web Shield
Intelligent Scanner
Gaming Mode
More utilities than AVG, but one less area of protection in the free version.
Avast and AVG have merged, so their virus scanner will basically be identical.

Recommend Supplementing with the FREE version of Malwarebytes and doing regular (approximately monthly) manual Malwarebytes scans.

Free Antivirus Supplements

Malwarebytes WebSite

Anti-MalWare Application
Free "On Demand" Scanning and Removal of AdWare, Spyware, MalWare, Ransomware, etc.

Malwarebytes can detect and remove malware that even the most well known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail to detect.
Malwarebytes Identifies and removes malicious software from your computer.
If your computer is infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore your machine.
This program can scan your machine in order to find infections, and it can remove infections it finds.
People have reported installing this program on infected machines, and Malwarebytes found, and removed the infections successfully, and with ease to the user. People reported being pleased with Malwarebytes results.
Malwarebytes may need to reboot in order to complete the infection removal process.
The free version is "on demand", meaning you have to run it each time you want to use it and it will run once, each time.
There is a paid version that runs in the background in "Real Time" meaning all the time.
The free version is still worth having due to its superior detection and removal. In some instances it may be the only thing effective.

Simply download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. (No need to pay, just click the big blue "Download Now" button.)
Double click the downloaded file to install the application on your computer.
Once the application is installed, double click on the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware icon to start the program.
When the application is open, select Scan and the application will guide you through the remaining steps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Malwarebytes has recently changed it's policy on detection of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and PUM's (Potentially Unwanted Modifications). Malwarebytes claims their new policy is "More Aggressive". As a result many safe and useful programs which were previously not showing up as a threat, are now classified as potentially unwanted programs. A program merely has to be bundled with other software, or offer to change your home page, or default search engine, during the install. This activity is common in virtually ALL freeware, and even some paid programs. Most people are wise to this, in this day and age, and opt for the custom install option, in order to uncheck these undesired options, and so they are not a problem. Regardless Malwarebytes will now flag these softwares as PUPs or PUMs and automatically remove them, denying you from having the software you wish to have, regardless of the merit of the software, itself. SOLUTION: In Malwarebytes settings, click the drop down settings for PUPs and PUMs and  DISABLE these, according to a Malwarebytes representative email I recieved on the topic. Another plausible option (not suggested by Malwarebytes) would be to merely have Malwarebytes warn you, and let you decide. There would be a lot of decisions! You could also create an Exclusion for your trusted software, so Malwarebytes will not detect it again and again, which can get annoying. The list would be huge, though. Keep in mind the difference between an actual threat, and a POTENTIALLY unwanted program or modification, and use your own discretion.
In response to this issue, a Malwarebytes representative gave only one response: Disable PUPs and PUMs.
Malwarebytes still offers the best malware protection available, and actually resolves issues, as opposed to simply detecting them, even in the free version.

Super Anti-Spyware
Super Anti-Spyware WebSite

Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers, Parasites, Rootkits, Rogue Security Products and many other types of threats.
Trust Items and Exclude Folders for complete customization of scanning.
Free Version includes limited repair of broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with its unique Repair System.
Won't conflict with your existing anti-spyware or anti-virus solution.
Free Version has Definition Updates available for Manual Update.
Light on System Resources and won't slow down your computer.

Extra Free Antivirus Supplements

Microsoft Safety Scanner Web Page

Replacement for Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections by malicious software, and helps remove any infection found.
Microsoft releases an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month, and as necessary to respond to security incidents.

Norton Security Scan

(Free-On Demand + Automatic Weekly Scanning)

(New) Norton added automatic weekly scheduled scans.
(New) It will automatically scan your computer every week, replacing the need for you to manually scan regularly using Symantec Security Scan and Clean.

Norton Security Scan application will provide free on-demand scanning of viruses, spyware, and other security risks.
This tool scans only, it will not remove any thing it finds. Use the scan and clean for removal.
This tool is not intended to be a replacement for continuous, real-time protection from the latest security risks. Norton Security Scan uses Symantec virus definitions to scan your computer for the latest security risks. Virus definitions are automatically updated when your computer is connected to the Internet.
You will also receive Norton Security Scan product updates through the Internet.
The Results Summary tab shows the results of your most recent scan.
The summary includes the number of scanned files and detected risks.
This can be used in conjunction with your continuous real time scanning Software like the AVG Free above.
All 3 AntiVirus programs offered here may be installed on a single computer concurrently.

BleepingComputer WebSite

If your antivirus, or antimalware software is having trouble with your computers active infection, preventing your antivirus/antimalware software from running, and/or cleaning it, then Rkill may be able top help. It does only one thing. It shuts down the process of many known malware infections. It does not remove the infection, but it does shut it down, so that your antivirus/antimalware software can go to work on it.

Kaspersky WebSite

If you have detected one of a list of RootKits on your system, then this might be the tool to remove the problem.

Norton Power Eraser
Symantec WebSite

A "Crimeware" scanner / eliminator. Not a Virus, Adware, or Malware scanner/eliminater.. Highly aggressive, and may remove things you were not intending to remove, such as programs, but this is still better than being the victim of an infection, especially considering that you can reinstall any programs effected by using this tool.
That does however, make this more of a last resort, tool.

Legitimate Free Online Virus Scanners W/ Cleaning
(Not a primary AntiVirus solution - If your already infected hopefully one of these will help)

BitDefender Online Scanner
Free malware cleanup directly from your browser

Claims for this Product:
BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand antivirus and antispyware tool that shows how safe your PC is.
Accessible from your browser, it will
scan and automatically clean the system memory, all files and drives' boot sectors.
Use it without having to uninstall your existing data security product.

Trend Micro HouseCall

Claims for this Product:
Detect and Remove Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Grayware, and Spyware
Restores Damage Caused by Malware to your System
Use Trend Micro
HouseCall online scanner to get a second opinion, or use the app for cleanup when malware prevents installation of a local antivirus utility.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Claims for this Product:
ActiveScan 2.0 is an advanced online scanner based on Collective Intelligence (scanning in-the-cloud) that detects malware that traditional security solutions cannot detect. Find hidden threats on your PC, such as rootkits, banker Trojans and malware designed to steal your identity.
Simple, online disinfection of all malware detected on your PC.
Create a free account (You must Register for FREE for these functions) to enjoy the benefits of:
Disinfection of viruses, worms and Trojans. (If you don't register for FREE it will only Scan, but will not remove any threats found)
Custom scans.
Scan history

Free Tools To Manually Clean Infected Systems
The following 2 Tools are for advanced users who wish to manually modify and debug their computer from adware, spyware, and malware themselves.

Program Checker Personal Edition

Displays key information about your PC's active programs and searches its database to determine their permission levels.
Interface displays a list of your running processes, complete with program name, filename, location, CPU usage, and permission level.
Terminate a process
Highlight a program, select More Information, and the application takes you to ProgramChecker.com for details including product, default location, and recommendations.

Don't click the Take Snapshot Link.
Don't Click the prompt to update your program rules, Click Cancel to enter Program Checker.

Microsoft Process Monitor
MS Process Monitor Web Page

The Microsoft Process monitor can monitor, and log all the processes running on your system.
To use it to track down malware for removal, make a filter to follow the process, and this tool will show you everything it's doing. This tool can also be used in a similar fashion for troubleshooting.

To create an appropriate filter:
Position the mouse over tool bar Buttons and read the pop ups to determine their function.
Click the "Capture" Button in the tool bar to STOP capturing data. (A red line will be shown across the icon when capture is stopped)
Click the "Clear Button" to clear the captured data that has already logged from the display.
If this is your first use of Process Monitor, Click the "Filter" Drop Down Menu, and Click "Save Filter". Type in "Default", and Click "Ok".
This will save the current filter settings. The current filter is a very good broad check of everything, so it is good to keep a copy around as "Default".
Click the first drop down on the left, and select "Path" instead of "Architecture".
Click the second drop down from the left, and select "Contains" instead of "is".
In the third drop down from the left (which is empty / blank), type the file name, and extension of the program you wish to spy on. (Ex. iexplore.exe)
Click the "Add" Button. Notice the information you selected now appears in the bottom section, and is checked.
Click the items below the entry you just created in the Filter Window, to highlight it, and Click the "Remove" Button.
As you Click the "Remove" button, the selection is removed from the list, and the entries below it are automatically highlighted, so just keep clicking the "Remove" Button, until all the other entries are removed from the Filter list.
Click "Ok" on the "Process Monitor Filter" Window.
Click the "Filter" Drop Down Menu, and Click "Save Filter". Type the name you wish to give your new Filter, and Click "Ok".
This will save your new Filters settings.
If you update the Filter settings later, you can select it from the "Save Filter" drop down, instead of typing it's name again, when you re-save the Filter.
To use your new Filter: Click "Capture" on the tool bar.
If the Program or Process is not already bust doing something, use the program in the function you wish to collect data on, so that the Process Monitor can log what that particular program or function does.
With a Virus, Malware, or other suspicious process, just create a Filter to monitor it, and Process Monitor can clearly show you everything it is doing.

Free Windows System Repair and Maintenance Tools

NOTE: You can have and use more than one of these, and should!
We have found them to be complimentary to one another, especially if you are using the free versions.
We have tested the following utilities, and found them to be safe for the average user.
They have been tested across multiple machines, and only produced positive results, and no negative impact on the machine.
We will indicate specifically if a utility should ONLY be used by an advanced user.
It is possible for utilities intended for advanced users, to remove things your machine actually needs in order to function.
An advanced user would know not to do that, but not the average user.
If you must use an advanced user tool on your system, we recommend creating a system restore point, first, and make sure any critical data is backed up!

CCleaner WebSite

CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool that removes unused files from your system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up hard disk space.
CCleaner contains a fully featured registry cleaner, and also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. CCleaner is fast.
Registry Cleaner - Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more.
Comprehensive registry backup feature.
Third-party applications - Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more.
Cleans the following:
Internet Explorer
Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
Google Chrome
Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
Temporary files, history, cookies.
Temporary files, history, cookies, form history.
Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
CCleaner is extremely safe, and great for constant use cleaning junk files, after web browsing, and cleaning the registry after update installs, or uninstalls.

One should disable Applications Tab >> Windows >> MS Search in order to prevent errors from appearing in your system log.

Use CCleaner's Clean Up feature frequently to clear out temporary files.
When uninstalling and installing use CCleaners Registry Cleaner to make fast work of keeping the registry in relatively good condition.
When things get really bad (if you haven't done maintenance for a while, or just uninstalled and installed things) you will want to run CCleaner, followed by Advanced System Care's Deep Care. This will clean additional things in the registry, as well as (if needed) defragment the registry.

IObit Advanced System Care
IObit WebSite

All in 1 utility for cleaning and maintaining your computer to achieve better overall system performance.
The interface is very simple, featuring only a few buttons.
The utility interface provides four areas of maintenance: spyware removal, Registry cleaning, privacy sweep, and delete junk files.
The utility provides system optimization tools, detects spyware, defragments your disk, and scans for incorrect Windows settings.
The Free version does not schedule scans, so you will have to run it manually.
This Utility is more aggressive than CCleaner, and goes a bit deeper, but is still safe to use, when you need a good cleaning, but it takes longer, so it is not the one you want to use all the time.
CCleaner gets just a couple things Advanced System Care ignores, and this gets many things CCleaner does not. They are complementary.

In the Advanced System Care Settings I disable Active Boost, and the system monitor (desktop display item).
Since I use Malwarebytes, and in order to save time, I uncheck the Full Malware Removal option in Deep Care, which seems redundant and like a waste of time. I also uncheck the "Disk Scan" option, as this simply runs Check Disk during the next reboot. After the first time running Advanced System Care, I uncheck the "Shortcut Fix" option, as well. My Shortcuts are fine, and this becomes another waste of time.

If you are an advanced user, I also tweak the settings of Advanced System Care (FREE version only) in several ways:
I run services.msc, and in the Services window I open up the entry for Advanced System Care, by double (left) clicking on it.
In the Services Window I Stop Advanced System Care from running, by clicking the "Stop" button, and I change the "Startup type:" from "Automatic to Manual", and (left) click "OK". This is so that it does NOT run in the background, and only runs when I run the program.
This must be done EVERY TIME you download and install an update to the Advanced System Care Software!
Software configuration settings within the user interface will remain from installation to installation, as you update Advanced System Care.

Glary Utilities
Glary WebSite

Glary Utilities provides good general cleaning and maintenance functions, which are good on their own, but are especially complimentary to the maintenance utilities CCleaner and Advanced System Care, above. Glary's cleaner removes empty (and thus not needed) registry entries, from the registry, which both CCleaner, and Advanced System Care seem to ignore. This means there are less useless entries for the system to go through, in order to get to what is needed, and that should result in better performance. We like Glary Utilities as an addition to our other system maintenance tools, for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Caveat: Glary Utilities comes bundled with a malware scanner, called Malware Hunter, which is also OK, but for active protection, it requires a paid license. Malware Hunter will perform a "Quick scan", as one of its options. Malwarebytes removed the quick scan option from its free version, and reserved that only for its paid version. As a quick scan option this seems modestly ok. We still like Malwarebytes best, for Malware.
There is a separate uninstall option for Malware Hunter, listed in Programs and Features, simply as Malware Hunter, should you wish to remove only Malware Hunter, but keep the utilities. We do like the Utilities.
If you decide to keep Malware Hunter, advanced users may wish to disable it's unnecessary Startup item entries for Malware Hunter, and Glary Utilities. This can be done with msconfig.
This can also be done with another maintenance program such as CCleaner or Advanced System Care, as Glary Utilities does NOT list Malware Hunter (its bundled program), or Glary Utilities itself, in its start up optimizer tool, for you to easily disable them. Since Malware Hunter is how Glarysoft monetizes its otherwise free product, this makes sense.
They want to insure the pop-up money saving deals for their Malware Hunter product, are displayed, whenever you boot your computer. Glary Utilities is good, supplemental cleaning and maintenance product, and worth having in your tool box, once you disable the startup items.
Getting rid of the startup items will avoid any pop-up discount offers, for Malware Hunter, at system startup.

Puran Utilities
Puran Utilities WebSite

For a more advanced Advanced user, not a typical average user!

Puran Utilities is is the most aggressive FREE maintenance tool of the bunch, cleaning even deeper than Advanced System Cares paid version, and CCleaner combined.
It also provides a bunch of other handy maintenance utilities, which are good to have on hand.
For a serious cleaning it provides a Maintenance Wizard, which opens the appropriate utilities, one at a time, and in the most logical order, to do a thorough cleaning. It does require user interaction, which takes slightly longer to do everything.
This is definitely not the tool to use every day, and should almost be used only by an advanced user.
If your machine is really running slow, or has issues, other than driver issues, or corrupted files, or failing hardware, and nothing else worked, this may be the tool that goes deep enough to get you back to reasonable performance, again. The Free tools above are typically adequate, but on those rare occasions, you need more, this may get you where you need to go, when used correctly.
While I tested it on several machines, and have never witnessed it do harm, and have even seen it work wonders, the depths it goes in cleaning, are not for the faint hearted. As with any of them there is always a risk of messing something up.
As you go down this list, towards most aggressive, the risk as well as potential reward goes up.
Creating a restore point is always recommended, before cleaning this deeply.
This has the most aggressive cleaning of files, folders (the only one which does folders), and registry, but we liked the registry defrag of Advanced System Care, better. You can skip utilities you do not want or need, easily, when running the wizard. You WILL need to go through setting initially, to configure what the cleaning utilities do. All the boxes for the registry items to clean, were unchecked, and required checking, before cleaning was functional. ALL registry item boxes can be checked, on the registry cleaning utility, and were in our testing.
We like its system start up defrag option for occasional one time uses, as it is one of the most thorough, for that option.

BleachBit WebSite 1
BleachBit WebSite 2

For Advanced users ONLY, not for an average user!

Bleach bit cleans a lot of things, and with the "Download and update cleaners from community (winapp2.ini)" box checked, in its preferences, the list is staggering, and mostly dangerous! Not everything in either list is a good idea for normal cleaning, and would be more for a VERY special one time need, and definitely NOT regular use, as it would most likely have an extremely adverse effect on ones system!
This is why we listed this cleaner for Advanced Users!
That said, BleachBit also has some wonderful options, which would benefit everyone, if only everyone could resist checking all the boxes, and only focus on the good ones. A really good option worth mention is the option to vacuum the web browsers. This feature alone makes it complimentary to the other cleaners, as this feature cleans, repairs, and defragments the database files used by web browsers, like Firefox, and Chrome. Over time they get messed up, slowing browser performance, and this fixes, and optimizes them! As far as other settings, ONLY an advanced user would know what to remove and what to keep! For regular use, there are several useful options on the default menu (and a few you don't want), and only one or two  in the extremely huge menu of options from the community.

If you add the community cleaners, and wish to remove the overwhelming amount of extra settings, you likely will not use, from your list of options, as most are not what you want: First in BleachBit Preferences:
Uncheck the box to "Download and update cleaners from community (winapp2.ini)".
Close BleachBit.
Remove the winapp2.ini file located here:
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\BleachBit\Cleaners\
Windows Vista/7/8/10: C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\BleachBit\Cleaners\
After the winapp2.ini file is removed from its directory/folder, you can launch BleachBit, and the additional menu items will be gone. They can easily be added back, again, by simply checking the "Download and update cleaners from community (winapp2.ini)" box, again, and re-starting BleachBit.

Options we use for regular cleaning (which ARE SAFE for regular use, and are available without the winapp2.ini), include:
Firefox Crash reports, download history, session restore, URL history (but only rarely, when old & bloated), and vacuum.
Flash cache
Google Chrome Cache, history, search engines, session, vacuum.
Internet Explorer temporary files
Java cache
Microsoft Office debug logs, Most recently used (optional)
Skype installers
System clipboard, logs, memory dump, MUI cache (only rarely, when old & bloated), prefetch (occasionally), Recycle bin, Temporary files
Thunderbird cache, vacuum
VLC media player most recently used
Windows Explorer most recently used, recent document list, run, search history
NOTE: Not all of these options may be available, in your list, and other options may be available, depending on what is installed on your system. These options for these applications are safe for the categories listed, and may safely be used for regular cleaning maintenance. If you only use the vacuum option, this tool would be worth having, just for that!

IObit Driver Booster
IObit WebSite

Find it too time consuming to constantly research all the drivers, for all your computers hardware, so you can update your drivers, and then download them all, and run their updates? Driver Booster FREE has you covered.
Put updating your systems drivers, and even some software, in auto-pilot, with Driver Booster.
If your having issues with you system, updating drivers might even fix them.
New drivers are known to fix bugs, and improve performance, as well as occasionally add new features.
This is a great time and effort saving maintenance tool, to keep your system up to date, with the latest drivers, with minimum effort!
The free version may not update every driver, but it will get most of them, saving hours of work, and it will tell you which ones it did not update, so you'll be aware of the remaining available updates.
Because of this, you will know to manually update the remaining few newly available drivers, yourself.
Driver Booster digs deep into system hardware, to locate drivers, many people ignore, or don't even know they need, doing a thorough job, for you, automatically.
You just click Scan (for driver updates), Review updates available, un-checking ones you don't want, and then click Update all, and let Driver Booster download, and install your new drivers.

Auslogics Disk Defrag (Free)
Auslogics WebSite
User Manual (pdf)

Auslogics Disk Defrag has the most features, of any free disk defragmentation program we have tested.
These features, in addition to allowing you to do normal defragmentation, also allow you to defrag things which you normally cannot.
You can do boot time defragmentation of the master file tables (MFT), paging file, hibernation file, and even the registry.
Boot time defragmentation as well as Scheduling Automatic Scans, or SDD Optimization, are available from bottom left side column icons.
You can also Defragment and Optimize, which moves highly used files to the faster part of the drive, in order to increase performance.

IObit Smart Defrag
IObit WebSite

IObit Smart Defrag is FREE and provides more types of defragmentation, than the defragmentation software included in Windows.
Smart Defrag will do a Boot time defrag in order to defragment files otherwise in use, and unmovable, such as master file tables, system files, and the page file, hibernation file, Master File Tables. While this defrag program does not defrag the registry with this option, in its free version, the free version of Advanced System Care above, does, making the option redundant.
Smart Defrag can also defrag free space, in order to prevent future fragmentation.
Smart Defrag provides an option for a fast defrag, when you want to speed things up, but don't have time for a full defrag.
Smart Defrag will also defrag and optimize (defrags and organizes for more continuous free space), as well as defrag and prioritize (prioritize disk data for maximum performance).

Piriform WebSite

Defraggler is FREE and provides more types of defragmentation, than the defragmentation software included in Windows.
Defraggler will do a Boot time defrag in order to defragment files otherwise in use, and unmovable, such as master file tables, system files, and the page file, for example. It can move large files to the end of the drive, allowing smaller system files to occupy the faster beginning of the drive.
Defraggler can also defrag free space, in order to prevent future fragmentation.
Defraggler also provides an option for a quick defrag, when you want to speed things up, but don't have time for a full defrag.

Eusing FREE Registry Defrag
Eusing Web Site

This is Registry optimization software. This is not necessary if you have Advanced System Care, above, as this would be redundant.
This utility optimizes the registry by removing the gaps, fragments and wasted space in the Windows registry files.
Your computers registry becomes larger and larger as new programs are installed, used and removed.
Even if this data is deleted from it when applications are uninstalled, the size of the Registry does not decrease.
This is because Windows merely marks the data values as blank but the empty keys still remains.
Because of this, the registry becomes increasingly more fragmented over time.
Registry fragmentation will cause overall system performance to decrease.
Systems with a fragmented registry take longer to boot, and use more memory in order to process the registry, resulting in decreased performance.
This Free Registry Defrag program will defragment and compact the Windows Registry very quickly.
It will scan through the registry and remove any blank space, reducing the registry size, and ultimately the amount of RAM the registry requires.
It Will NOT change the settings contained in the registry in any way!
The optimization is simply compacting the registry hives to their minimum size possible.
The software is free, easy to use, and it WILL speed up your PC!
Note: If you have Advanced system Care, a registry defrag is already included, and this is redundant.

Recuva WebSite

Undelete files on your computer, USB drive, camera or iPod.
Recovery from damaged or formatted disks, even if you've formatted the drive.
Recover deleted emails with full support for Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail.
Recover deleted iPod music along with any additional track data.
Restore unsaved Word documents. Recuva intelligently rebuilds Word documents from their temporary files.
Quick Start Wizard for when you need your files back right away, without fiddling with options.
Recuva's Deep Scan can find most files within a minute. Or, set the Deep Scan to look for more deeply buried results.
Securely and Permanently delete files, and erase any traces of deleted files.
Recuva has support for every modern version of Windows and 37+ languages.

System File Checker

System File Checker is already built into Windows! You don't need to download, or install anything!
When things on your computer aren't working correctly, and it is not caused by some other known problem, and you can't seem to find a problem, this is a great tool to try! It may be the solution to your problem!
You may have a problem with your protected system files. If you do, this will take care of it. It won't hurt anything, but it may fix things.

System file checker scans the integrity of all your computers protected system files, and replaces incorrect (replaced or corrupted) versions, with the correct Microsoft versions. When used with the /scannow option, it scans the integrity of all protected system files, and repairs/replaces files with problems, whenever possible.
If your computer has a recovery partition, as many computers which ship with Windows, pre-installed, commonly do, System File Checker should utilize the partitions virgin files, to repair/replace your corrupted systems files. If you installed Windows yourself,  from a disk, or do not have a recovery partition, you should be prompted for the disk. If you do not have a disk, you may be able to download an ISO disk image file HERE, and burn one.

To use System File Checker, open command prompt as an administrator.
To start a command prompt as an administrator:
Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
If the User Account Control dialog box appears, simply confirm that this is what you want.

Once you have command prompt opened as an administrator, you can run System File Checker by typing in:

sfc /scannow

then press the Enter key.
Let System File Checker scan and repair your computers protected system files.

NOTE: The Windows Registry points to the location of the windows system files that System File Checker will use in order to restore damaged, missing, or corrupted system files on your system.
That registry key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\SourcePath
It is looking for an i386 directory/folder, and should be set one level above the i386 directory/folder, not in it.

Autoruns WebSite

For Advanced Users!

A FREE program which shows what is being run when Windows Starts, and lets you control startup of those items.
Autoruns runs independently on demand, without installation, and would also be great for a troubleshooters USB drive arsenal of tools..
During Windows startup, a lot of things are run automatically, including a lot of software,
and processes that run in the background, especially after installing a lot of software
Not all of it needs to be running in the background, all the time, in order for the software to function properly.
A lot of unnecessary things running at startup can slow your computer down, as they consume memory, and bandwidth (system resources).
Autoruns provides a list of what's being run at startup, and helps you shut down the auto-start applications you don't need.
This shows much more than any consumer product startup managers, and is intended for more knowledgeable and advanced users.
Things highlighted in yellow should be of particular interest, as it indicates things which are not available, but yet exist as a startup item.
This could be for several reasons, such as something was uninstalled, and the entry was left behind, or something is missing that should be there.
Works with Windows versions from Windows Vista through Windows 10.

Dial-A-Fix WebSite

Dial-a-fix is an advanced utility for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP ONLY - NO other versions of Windows.
Dial-a-fix repairs various Windows problems, such as:
Windows Update errors, and problems with Automatic Updates
SSL, HTTPS, and Cryptography service (signing/verification) issues
COM/ActiveX object errors and missing registry entries and more.

Dial-a-fix is a collection of known fixes obtained from Microsoft Knowledgebase articles, Microsoft MVPs, and other important support forums, that will assist you in repairing problems with your system.
Although this tool is ordinarily meant for power users, technicians, and administrators, the author claims it is quite safe to use even without technical guidance, although guidance is recommended.
Simply choose the solutions you wish to apply by checking the appropriate options, then click GO.
There are other buttons and tools present on the main dialog as well, such as a policy scanner.
All tools and checkboxes identify their purpose when you mouse over them.
Dial-a-fix fixes problems by setting various things back to their original Microsoft defaults.
Dial-a-fix does not repair ANY third party programs.
Dial-a-fix works on the following 32-bit versions of Windows: 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.
Dial-a-fix dynamically disables functions that are not applicable to your version of Windows.
Currently, the version of Windows with the most Dial-a-fix support, and functionality is Windows XP.

Free File Archiving / Compression and Extraction Utilities

What is File Compression and Extraction and why do I need a Utility for it?

IZarc WebSite

A freeware archive utility supporting 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BIN, BZ2, BZA, C2D, CAB,



IZArc Can open CD image files like ISO, BIN, CDI and NRG and supports 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data.

IZArc can perform all archiving operations by using right-click menus in Windows Explorer and can be configured to run your preferred Anti-Virus scanner when you open any archives.

IZArc can convert archives from one type to another. This is handy with CD image files to make them compatible with your burner software.

IZArc is capable of creating self extracting archives.

IZarc WebSite

IZArc2Go is Free portable version of IZArc.

Just drop it on any USB Flash Drive and you will have a fully functional archive utility wherever you go.
You don't have to install anything on the computer's hard disk.
IZArc2Go has all features of IZArc except that it can’t be integrated into the Explorer
shell menu and it is not possible to associate any archive file type with it.


Making a Self Extracting Archive / Executable File with IZArc

Adding Antivirus Scanning to IZArc

Free TV for PC Programs:

Kodi Set up Guide

Kodi is the framework for configuring the best custom media center anyone could hope to, and it is Open Source, constantly upgraded / developed by an active community, and per the nature of open source, will always be free. All of its updates will also, always be free. Don't let that fool you! Kodi is better than the paid media centers I have experienced, and well worth the time and effort it takes to set it up. While it can access any paid media service you have, paying for media is not necessary, as it will access virtually anything you could ever want for free, and on demand, as well.
See our Kodi (XBMC) Installation and Configuration page, for helpful info, to get the most out of your Kodi Media Center

Miro HD
Miro HD WebSite

Open Source (Free)

Watch Movies and TV

  • Watch full screen HD Video

  • Download Torrent Feeds

  • Download You Tube Videos

  • Organize your video collection

Note: Miro 2.0 Has VLC Codecs embedded for playing Video

Browse through or Search available content and Add what you like to your Side Bar. Streams content well, and Downloads Video.


AnyTV WebSite

Watch local TV, world TV, Live TV, satellite TV from countries of all world in different languages on your PC with anyTV. Watch 2630+ Online TV, 6910+ Video clips. Listen to 4750+ Online Radio.
Watch without a television, TV Tuner Card or a satellite receiver, anywhere you have internet.

AnyTV is a completly FREE Software. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software.

Note: Add your Favorite Channels to Favorites as you find them. When you select a Premium Channel and you see the "Alert" pop-up telling you that the channel is not available in free mode, you can click Cancel, then click the Play Button and the channel plays. This isn't the best, but it's free, and the work around above gets you Adult Channels. Don't tell the kids and use it to keep them out of the Adult.

Free Music Player Software

Nightingale WebSite

Nightingale is an open-source (FREE) customizable music player.
Nightingale enables new ways to playback, manage, and discover music.
(This is Very Cool, iTunes meets SqueezeCenter + in an iTunes style interface)

  • Import from your file system or iTunes.

  • Export your tracks and playlists back into iTunes.

  • Browse, organize, sort and search your media.

  • Supports MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, WMA, AAC and Fairplay and WMA DRM

  • Create dynamic playlists that automatically update based on criteria you set

  • Skips padding data due to encoding and chains files for gapless playback experience. Adjusts the playback gain appropriately if a track's metadata contains replay gain information.

  • Automatically import media from a defined folder.

  • Display the currently playing track's album art and write new artwork back to the file. Automatically fetch missing album art from the web.

  • Always stay up to date using Songbird's built-in automatic updates.

  • Subscribe to music blogs and download music directly to your library.

Integrated Services

  • 7digital Music Store - Buy high quality MP3s (320kbps)

  • mashTape - Discover Flickr photos, YouTube videos, last.fm biographies, Google news (and more) for the currently playing artist.

  • Last.fm Scrobbling - Integrated Last.fm support allows you to scrobble, love, and ban your tracks.

  • Last.fm Radio - Listen to stations based on your Last.fm library, your Songbird library and friends/neighbors' libraries. Browse the directory to explore tag and artist relationships.

  • Concert Tickets - Discover upcoming shows in your area based on the artists in your library. Event listings powered by Songkick.

  • SHOUTcast Radio - Stream music using the integrated SHOUTcast Radio directory.


Excellent FREE Media Player
Audio, Internet Radio, Video, some online TV

Now Playing: Discover Artist Songs, Videos, Radio and Photos
AOL Radio Powered by CBS Radio
Expanded Flash video support
Media Monitor: Playing music on the web just got even better
Updated Winamp toolbar - control Winamp from your browser - Can be removed during Install by un-checking box
A Redesigned Unified Interface, including Album Art
Remote Music and Video Playback and Sharing
Dynamic Song Recommendations Playlist Feature
Multi-channel MP3 Surround Support
Mass Auto-Tagger Provides Latest Music Metadata
Integrated Web Search for Artist and Track Information
Album Art Support for Portable Devices
Updated Podcast Directory and Download Manager
Fully Integrated Web browser and customizable links
New Visualizer Plug-in - Milkdrop 2
Winamp Orgler TM
Improved iPod Sync Support
iTunes Library Import
Online Services Gallery
OurStage Radio Online Services
Spinner MP3 of the Day Online Service

Install Notes:
During Install there are check boxes to un-check:
Install Winamp Toolbar
Set Winamp as your default Search Engine
50Free Download movies optional-You'll get them, but have to Cancel the service later for it to remain free.

Ots Labs WebSite

OtsTurntables Free is a 100% FREE virtual set of professional mixing turntables.
It empowers music lovers, aspiring DJs and pros to scratch, adjust tempo and pitch, play backwards, and mix MP3s, WAVs, Ots files and CDs.
DJ your next party like a pro, or just enjoy listening to your MP3s mixed professionally at home with Auto DJ.
You'll love the optional warm vinyl-crackle ambience, and the built-in Dynamics Processor will save you juggling that volume knob ever again.

Free Karaoke Software

KaraFun WebSite

An interactive karaoke machine for your PC, that allows you to play and creating karaoke at home.
Plays karaoke file types: KFN, KAR, CDG, KOK, LRC, AVI, and MPEG.
KaraFun's editor enables you to quickly and easily create your own karaoke songs from Audio and MIDI music files: MP3, OGG, KAR, and MID.
KaraFun has a 3D animation engine for full screen animated lyrics and background.
NOTE: It is important to acquire good karaoke files, as some karaoke files sound digitized and unrealistic, while others sound like the real thing.

Walaoke WebSite

Plays AVI, MKV, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV and any format that has directshow codecs, as well as Playing MP3+CDG, MP3+LRC, and MP3+XMLfiles. Plays MIDI, and KAR file types.
Can play any of the following formats with an LRC file. AVI, MKV, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV.
Lyrics display directly over your own video, camera or any video input as a background.
Highlight lyrics display for karaoke effects.
Can play music from video files while replacing the video with your own video.
Supports a numeric system, and can print out the song list.
Type the song list number to play the song.
Supports different color lyrics for Male, Female and Duet.
Save default audio track or audio channel to play.
Works with karaoke VCD or karaoke DVD.
Can include a folder and search directly from the folder without importing the folder to the song list.

Record Streaming Radio for Free

Screamer Radio
Screamer Radio WebSite

Free Streaming Radio Recorder

General Features:
Screamer Radio is a Free streaming player/recorder that is easy to use, non-bloated - only a Peak meter, ad and spyware free, and has a huge database of radio stations. It can be hidden in the system tray. Screamer Radio will Play back on multiple soundcards.
With Screamer you can easily record what you're listening to, start recording in the middle of a song and still save the entire song!
Screamer Radio has the option to separate tracks. It can be muted and minimized to the system tray while it continues recording.

Supported Stream Types:
Shoutcast and Icecast MP3 Streaming
Icecast OGG Vorbis Streaming
WMA Streaming
AAC Streaming

Recording Features:
Recording buffer: start recording in the middle and still save the entire song!
Direct MP3 Audio stream saving, no loss of quality!
Direct OGG Vorbis stream saving, no loss of quality!
Or encode OGG Vorbis as MP3 using Lame
Encode WMA or AAC to MP3 using Lame

AudialsOne Special Version
Radiotracker WebSite

Get Audials Special Version through this Free Promo
AudialsOne has RadioTracker embedded!

Select your music genre, activate Autorip and Audials Free immediately begins recording from as many as 3 Web radio stations you like!
Audials has 45 industry awards and years of loyal use by Internet music lovers around the world, Audials offers proven, state-of-the-art functionality for getting free MP3 music from the Internet, recording Web radio stations, downloading music videos, recording Web videos and much much more!
Audials also lets you convert entertainment media into the formats you need and remove DRM copy protection.
Audials software offers many features for quickly creating your own collection of free music — music that is free from DRM copy protection, available in all the playback formats you need and ready for enjoyment on all your devices at home, in the car or on-the-go.
Audials lets you continue building your collection according to your taste. Ultra-convenient, comprehensive power.
Free entertainment without copy-protection problems – guaranteed!
In only a few hours, Audials floods your hard disk with a huge amount of music titles in the same digital quality offered by music shops – all targeted by artist or genre. Or create a comprehensive Videothek of free music videos. Audials also analyzes existing music collections and extends them with the music that's missing.
Tune into Web radio stations around the world and watch Music Web TV from the comfort of your own home
Audials is totally intuitive and easy to operate. Listen to 20,000 Web radio stations sorted by music genre or country and receive music Web TV on your PC. The Radiotracker functionality in Audials offers you a powerful Internet radio tuner and recorder. The Mediaraptor component endlessly fills your hard disk with MP3s and music videos. And as an added bonus, Audials automatically delivers thousands of audio and video podcasts directly to your PC.
The Tunebite universal converter in Audials removes copy protection from music and audio books at up to 54x speed and with 100% PerfectAudio quality.
Create free ringtones from downloaded music and videos and synchronize them to your mobile phone. Play music and videos in the Audials media player, the Windows Media Player or with players from Winamp or Apple iTunes as desired – or burn your downloaded entertainment onto CD or DVD. Audials is the only software that automatically populates your music and videos with lyrics, cover artwork and ID3 tags. You can even post-process music, videos and tags with the ID3-tag editor and audio studio.
The Audials Community lets you access thousands of others users' wish lists in addition to charts of all kinds like Top 10 and Top 100 lists, complete albums and insider tips about artists and genres.
It’s all completely free for the downloading!

RadioTracker Special Edition
Radiotracker WebSite

Get Radiotracker Special Edition through this Free Promo

Select your music genre, activate Autorip and RadioTracker Special Edition (Free) immediately begins recording from as many as 3 Web radio stations you like!
Rip to MP3 music files!
Just select your music genre, activate Autorip and Radiotracker Special Edition (Free) immediately begins recording from as many as 3 Web radio stations you like.
Radiotracker brings you music from 80 music genres at music-shop quality – without effort!
Radiotracker's timer function lets you configure the recording process. Control the length of recording time, limit the data volume you want to record and even define the maximum number of Internet radio stations that should be recorded at the same time
(up to 3 with the Free Special Edition). It's unbelievably easy!
Group your favorite stations anyway you need them – by mood, for example.
Radiotracker doesn’t just simply offer 80 music genres, it also sorts the best radio stations for each genre by popularity.
One click is then all it takes to Autorip music from your selected favorite radio stations!
Radiotracker also works optimally with your wish lists, searching for the best stations that play your desired artists and their hits most often. Only Radiotracker can do that!
Radiotracker uses the music you already have to avoid recording what you don't need again.
Radiotracker analyzes your existing music collection to ensure it only records music that you don’t have yet, which saves you the annoying process of having to sort out copies, and always getting the music titles you want.
Editing, extending & tweaking your collection with individual accents has never been easier.
Radiotracker is equipped with an optimized audio studio that lets you edit music tracks you've recorded from Internet radio stations.
The built-in ID3-tag editor lets you personalize the ID3 tags, cover artwork and lyrics that have been automatically inserted into each music track and video.
The ringtone generator enables you to create free ringtones for your mobile phone from downloaded music and synchronize them onto your phone in just three easy steps.
Most music shops offer WMA and MP3 downloads at 128 kbit/s quality. Radiotracker currently tracks around 5,700 Internet radio stations that broadcast at this quality level and higher. In comparison with most music shops, Radiotracker lets you choose superior quality levels reaching as high as 192, 256 or even 320 kbit/s. With Radiotracker, you get the same MP3 music titles offered by the online shops in the equivalent or even higher quality – but everything you download is free! Radiotracker also automatically removes DJ talkover, and its audio studio helps you make any required touch-ups after-the-fact.
Play music, videos, audio books and podcasts. Listen to Web radio stations. If you'd rather use Winamp, Apple iTunes or the Windows Media Player, that's OK too. Radiotracker can be flexibly configured with a single click to use your media player of choice.
Conveniently synchronize music, audio books and videos between your PC and attached mobile devices like MP3 players, USB sticks, Apple iPods and mobile phones.
CD & DVD burning - Burn multiple CDs at the same time and in a variety of different formats: - Audio CD (ideal for all standard car stereo systems)

Free CODEC's

What is a CODEC, and why do I need them?

The word CODEC is a combination of Code and Decode.
When ever you Record or Play Audio or Video, the files that you create, or that your player plays, are compressed with an algorithm or Encoded.
This is done to reduce the size requirements of the file information representing your audio or video.
Different file types, and even the parameters within the file types, produce varying degrees of audio and video quality.
The different types of encoding have different file extensions or file types, the 3 characters after the dot in a file name.
These different file extensions let you know what type of file compression algorithm was used for that particular file.
Other information pertaining to parameters of the compression for a particular file, are embedded within the file itself.
If you don't have the necessary CODEC installed for a file you are attempting to record  or convert, you will not be able to record or convert it.
If you don't have the necessary CODEC installed for a file you are attempting to play, you will not be able to play it.

Video Codec's

Multi CODEC's with player

VLC 2.2.4
VLC WebSite


MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, mp3, ogg, mkv, mp4, flv, mov, wmv...
Free VLC Video Player included.

MP4 / MOV / 3GP
OGG / OGM / Annodex
Matroska (MKV)
WAV (including DTS)
Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52
Raw DV
FLV (Flash)
Standard MIDI / SMF
Creative™ Voice


Download DivX Free Codec:

DivX WebSite

.avi files


Latest ffdshow free Codec:

ffdshow WebSite


Xvid 1.3.4 free Codec for Xvid AVI's:

Xvid 1.3.4
Xvid WebSite


Audio Codec's

lame Encoder 32 bit
lame Encoder 64 bit

lame WebSite

This is the compiled version of lame.
This download includes lame.exe the command line encoder.
This download also includes lame_enc.dll, the lame encoding library, generally used by CD rippers.
Use lame with an audio conversion interface of your choice, or from the command line to encode mp3 files.

Free Video Players

See VLC Player above on this page <-Click This Link

KMPlayer WebSite

KMPlayer is all-in-one media player.
VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime formats among others.
Capable of playing Incomplete or Damaged AVI files, or Locked Media Files, while downloading or sharing, Compressed Audio Album (zip, rar).
Streaming TV, and HDTV compatibility.
Handles a wide range of subtitles.
Allows you to capture audio, video, and screenshots in many ways.
Provides use of both internal and external filters, with a fully controlled environment, without grappling with DirectShow merit system.
Player can set audio and video effects, control playback speed and octave, select parts of a video as favorites, do powerful A-B repeat, remap the keys of remote interface for HTPC, including overlay screen controls, change a skin dynamically, depending on the media type playing, and more.
Completely customizable, with a wide selection of skins, and color schemes.
Configuration options are extensive.

ADOBE FLASH and SHOCK Video Players

Free Video Conversion Software

Format Factory
Format Factory WebSite

This FREE Software (Ad supported) Converts all popular video, audio, and picture formats to other formats.
Repairs damaged video and audio files.
Allows you to reduce Multimedia file sizes.
Supports multimedia file formats such as iphone, and ipod.
MP4 files support iPod, iPhone, PSP, and BlackBerry formats.
Picture conversion supports Zoom, Rotate/Flip,and tags.
Rips DVD's to a video file.
Includes RMVB,Watermark, AV Mux features.
All  formats to MP4/3GP/MPG/AVI/WMV/FLV/SWF - (Video formats).
All formats to MP3/WMA/AMR/OGG/AAC/WAV - (Audio formats).
All formats to JPG/BMP/PNG/TIF/ICO/GIF/TGA - (Image formats).
60 languages Supported.
Runs on Windows Operating Systems.

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio
DVDVideoSoft Free Studio 5 WebSite

Free Studio is an all-in-one package bundling of free multimedia applications developed by DVDVideoSoft.
The Free Studio Manager is a menu with 8 sections, providing easy access to it's many applications.
With this free software you can:
Convert video and audio files between different formats.
Free Studio 5 provides support for iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and all other popular mobile phones and devices.
Free Studio 5 also Rip's and burn's DVDs as well as audio CDs.
Upload and / or download YouTube videos and music to your computer, iPod, PSP, iPhone or BlackBerry.
Do basic editing of audio and video files. You may want this just for the FREE Video Editor capabilities (which are very basic)!
Record videos and take snapshots.
Create 3D videos and images.
Formats Supported:
YouTube; MP3 and Audio; CD, DVD and BD; DVD and Video; Photo and Images; Mobiles; Apple Devices; and 3D programs.

Important Notes:
This Software is reasonably versatile, and works well, but tries HARD to get you to install SEVERAL third party software packages during the installation, making installing ONLY the conversion software confusing, as well as a challenge. One third party offer only gives the option to uncheck agreeing to its license, and clicking "Next" in order to opt out of it's installation. Pay attention when installing this software. After installation, when running any feature, and then closing the feature, an installer pop's up to attempt to get you  to install a third party Toolbar you DON'T WANT in your web browser. This can be easily cancelled / closed, but it is annoying. It can also be hacked out / removed.
For those of you capable of the following the following instructions, there is a hack / fix you can do yourself, to stop the third party installer from popping up ever again.
The fix to remove the third party installer pop-up is to open Windows Explorer, and navigate to:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\DVDVideoSoft\bin

on 32 bit systems, or:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DVDVideoSoft\bin

on 64 bit systems, and either rename or delete the SubscriptionOffer.exe file.

You may also try Best You Can Get's automated removal of the third party installer, by downloading and running this file: remove_popup.zip.
After installing FreeStudio 5, extract the remove_popup.bat file from the zip file, and run the file as administrator to remove the pop-up's.
Once the software is installed without ANY of the third party software, and once the third party installer pop-up is removed, this is a very versatile, and usable FREE conversion software, well worth having.

HandBrake Download Page
HandBrake WebSite

Free Video Conversion Software

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for Windows MacOS X, and Linux.

Most any multimedia file.
File format: MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM
Video: MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora (1 or 2 passes or constant quantizer/rate encoding)
Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through (supports encoding of several audio tracks)
This Program only has Presets for Apple products - iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV
The settings can be manually configured only in the above file types using only the CODEC'S listed above.
Chapter selection
Basic subtitle support (burned into the picture)
Integrated bit rate calculator
Picture de-interlacing, cropping and scaling
Grayscale encoding

Settings Reference

NTSC (America) and PAL (Europe)
Use this chart to make Converter Presets in standard formats for Burner Software, allowing you to burn video CD or DVD.

Custom Presets I made for Video Converters

Video Configuration
Setting Title







352X240 480X480 720X480


4:3 4:3 4:3


29.97 29.97 29.97


1150 2520 3000
Audio Configuration
Codec MP2 MP2 AC3
Frequency 4100 4100 48000
Channel Stereo Stereo Stereo
Bitrate 224 224 384

Super WebSite
Care must be taken not to download AVS Video Converter instead!

Download Instructions:
Click "Super WebSite" link directly above.
Scroll to bottom of page and click the "Start Downloading Super ©" link.
Scroll down slightly, and click the Blue "download and use" link within the Red text (on the right hand side under the red box)
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Download SUPER © setup file" link.

Free Video Conversion Interface

Super is a Free way to convert your videos to and from flash (flv and swf), as well as many other formats.
It allows you to tweak the encoding options available through your CODEC's, as well as do the encoding, all in this handy graphical user interface.
An convenient interface to FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, ffmpeg2theora, MusePack, Monkey's audio, Shorten audio, TAK audio, True audio, WavPack, the libavcodec library & the theora/vorbis RealProducer's plugIn.
A simple, tool to convert, Encode, or play any Multimedia file. Not as easy to use for most users, but may offer features for advanced users.

Trial / Limited Functionality until paid Software, but still Worth mentioning, but only if you PAY FOR IT!!!

Any Video Converter WebSite

Koyote WebSite

Free Video Editing Software

Full Featured Video Editor

Shotcut WebSite

Shotcut is a free, open source, video editor, available for multiple platforms.
This is the most advanced free option of the bunch, and a relatively new piece of software.
For being as new as it is, it already has a lot to offer, approaching the level of professional video editors, like Adobe Premiere. It will be interesting to see where the development of Shotcut goes. Someone on a budget, but wanting professional features for their videos, like picture in picture for example, will truly appreciate what Shotcut has to offer.

VideoPad (FREE Version)
VideoPad WebSite

FREE Full Featured Video Editor! (Not a Simple Editor)

Full Video and Audio editing, cutting, transitions, effects, inserts, caption overlays, title, credits, subtitles, alternate audio tracks, narration, similar to professional video editing software.
Better than Windows Live Movie Maker, and capable of many more formats!
Output video in many formats, with full control over most every setting. There are too many features and settings to list them all, but be aware this is NOT a simple interface, and there is more of a learning curve with this editor, than with the others listed here. The Tutorials are videos which teach you to use this editor, and its features in about  minutes. Other software offered here is easier to use, and more self explanatory to beginners, without watching any tutorial. If you are not a beginner, and / or you want these extra features, then this is the editor for you!

Video Formats:
avi, mpeg, wmv, divX, Xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mp4, mov, vob, ogm, .3gp, H.264, RM and more
Audio Formats:
wav, mp3, mp2, mpga, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, raw, dvf, vox, cda and more
Images Formats:
bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, psd, tga, pcx and more

NOTE: During installation the installer will offer you Related Programs and Extras before clicking the "Finish" button. Be sure to uncheck ALL the boxes before Clicking the "Finish" button. Be sure to watch the Tutorial Videos to learn how to use this software, it will save you much failed effort!!!

Simple Video Editors

Video Edit Master
Click "FreewareFiles Mirror" Link to Download, Do not use the BIG Download button!
Video Edit Master WebSite

Video Edit Master is a Very Simple FREE video editor

Cutting and joining video files that have the same encoding, resolution and frame rate easily and fast without re-encoding.
Removing commercials from video files very fast.
Capturing video frames as images.
User friendly.
A preview to help you cut and join files precisely.
Final video will have the same quality of the original files.
See these simple instructions.
Runs without installing.
Run from a Flash Drive.
May need CODEC's found above on this page installed to support certain video types.
Saves to AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2
The interface is very easy to learn, but it only does basic video editing cutting, combining, and producing a final video file.
If this is what you need, then this may be for you!
There is NO Visual audio display for editing in this editor, editing is based only on video frame displayed.
Yes, it does save the audio! The Visual audio display is a tool to determine the audio level when the video is blank / faded.

Click above link and select 32 or 64 Bit version based on you computers operating system
VirtualDub WebSite

Video Capture and Processing / Cutting Utility - Very Simple but a Popular Classic

Fast Operations
Batch Processing Capabilities
Can be extended with third-party video filters
Process mainly AVI files MPEG-4, but can be easily converted to other formats with video conversion software.
Can read (not write) MPEG-1
Handles BMP images
Commonly used in DVD Ripping to extract the Audio Track.
Has Audio Display option, which must be checked in the "View Drop Down. Audio Display is handy when you are cutting video and the video is faded out, but the audio continues, typically during scene transitions

Avidemux - 32bit
Avidemux - 64bit

Avidemux WebSite

Avidemux is a FREE video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

  • Supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.

  • Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.

  • Available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license.

  • Cut, Filter, and Encode Video in many selectable formats

  • Bitrate/Size Calculator

  • Video Filter Manager

  • Color Equlizer

  • Audio Display (very handy when cutting video which has a video fade in or out where there is only audio, and you don't want to cut the audio)

Note: Unfortunately the Audio Display does NOT work during editing on this version. Hopefully this will be fixed in future versions of this editor.

Free DVD Authoring Software

DVD Styler
DVD Styler WebSite

DVD Styler is free Open Source GPL licensed software that lets you create a video DVD that can be played in a regular DVD player, with the appropriate burnable media, such as a DVD - R disk.
It allows you to create interactive menus by which to navigate the DVD, create subtitles, slide shows, and even your own audio tracks.
It allows you to utilize files from very many (most) different formats, and will convert them to the appropriate DVD vob file format for you.
You may select from built in background images for your menus, or import your own.
It has many features, and is easy to use.
It will allow you to save your projects, as works in progress, or burn your completed projects right to the DVD.
Check out the web site for a full list of features.
Documentation is provided, HERE.
Hint: Use NTSC for disks intended for use in the USA. PAL is a European format.

Free DVD Ripping Software

DVDSmith Movie Backup
DVDSmith Movie Backup WebSite

DVD decryption, and copying software.
Copies an entire DVD movie to your hard drive, and removes all the DVD copy protections
(CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying.
Clones the DVD to your hard drive, either complete with all the extras, or just the main movie, in selected audios and subtitles.
Easily Copies encrypted DVD movies to your hard drive, with no loss of playback quality.
In Full Disk Mode, DVDSmith can clone / copy a DVD movie to the computer as DVD folder.
DVDSmith's decrypted movie files allow you to enjoy your DVD movies on your hard drive, without any DVD players.
View them using free media players like KMPlayer, or a simple player like VLC Media Player from this page, to play DVD folder on hard drive.
Use Any DVD Converter software to convert the DVD folder for your iPod, iPhone, PSP, mobile phones or any other portable media players.

DVDShrink WebSite

DVD Shrink enables you to copy a DVD very easily. The reason it's here, is that it will re-encode the video to a smaller file (Shrink it) if needed.
Put DVD you wish to copy into the DVD-ROM or DVD burner.
Choose either a Full Disk (1:1) copy or the main movie only.
It'll analyze the DVD, (Shrink) re-encode the video files as needed, and even burn a copy of the DVD to DVD±R media.
It will produce an excellent quality copy of your original (larger or double layer) DVD to a single DVD±R disk.
This file is compressed in a .zip format, and can be extracted with IZArc.

FixVTS Tutorial

FixVTS is a small application that adjusts DVD files for better DVD compliance.
They can then be opened in DVD software that previously failed to open them.
This is especially useful if your DVD had copy protection or was recorded with a DVD Recorder that prevents your programs from opening them. FixVTS can fix that. This file is compressed in a .zip format, and can be extracted with IZArc.

Free Burner Software

IMG Burn
IMG Burn WebSite

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application
Supports a wide range of image file formats, including BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI.
Burns Audio CD's from any file type supported via DirectShow / ACM - including AAC, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, PCM, WAV, WMA and WV.
Builds DVD Video discs (from a VIDEO_TS folder), HD DVD Video discs (from a HVDVD_TS folder) and Blu-ray Video discs (from a BDAV / BDMV folder).
Supports Unicode folder/file names.
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7 (including all the 64-bit versions) and Linux / Unix (Wine)
Supports all the latest drives and their advanced settings without the need for updates.
Burn several images and automatically share between multiple drives.
Easy-to-use layer break selection screen for double layer DVD Video.
Automatic Write Speed feature allows storage of your favorite burn speed settings on a per 'Media ID' basis.
Burn Proof Protection
Easy to use as is, yet extremely configurable for Advanced users.

It has several 'Modes', each one for performing a different task:

Read - Read a disc to an image file
Build - Create an image file from files on your computer or network - or you can write the files directly to a disc
Write - Write an image file to a disc
Verify - Check a disc is 100% readable. ImgBurn can also compare a disk against a given image file to ensure the data is correct.
Discovery - Test your drive / media.

Hint on Use:
In the "View" drop down, check "Drop Zone", then you can minimize the interface and use Windows Explorer to navigate to the files and folders you want to add to your compilation.
Just drag the files and folders to the drop zone and drop them there. IMG Burn will add them to your compilation.

On the "Information" Tab there is a Calculator with an Auto Check Box.
Check Auto and IMG Burn will calculate Disk space used for you as you add files and folders to the compilation.

CD BurnerXP
CD BurnerXP WebSite
Excellent Interface for Audio and Data CD's and DVD's - Does Not Create Video

Create Data-CDs/DVDs
•burn any Data on CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM/BD/HD-DVD, including double layer mediums
•burn mp3-CDs to store many audio files on one single disc
•create bootable discs
•verify written Data automatically after burning process
•use either the internal browser to add your files or the intuitive Drop-Box to drag and drop files directly from any Windows Explorer window
•save your compilations for creation of backups
•burn on-the-fly and with buffer-underrun protections
•import previous (ISO 9660) sessions and edit existing file structure on CD/DVD
•quick- and full-erase disc
•copy data discs (possible copy-protection is not bypassed)
•retrieve recorder and disc information
Create Audio-CDs
•create Audio-CDs from mp3, wav, ogg, flac and wma files
•add single or multiple tracks from existing audio-CDs directly to your new compilation without ripping tracks before (add cda-files)
•play audio-files with integrated audio player
•gapless audio-CDs supported (disc-at-once-mode)
•import M3U or WPL playlists
•support for ReplayGain
•import CUE sheets
•create mixed-mode discs
ISO features
•burn ISO files to CD
•create your own ISO files
•convert bin- and nrg-files to ISO
•save CDs/DVDs as ISO file to disc
Other features
•simple cover printing feature for data- and audio-discs
•LightScribe integration
•Command line version
•supports most IDE, USB, Firewire and SCSI drives
•integrated option to enable access to drive for restricted users
•multi-language interface
•online update

Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 FREE
Ashampoo WebSite

Burn files and folders on data CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray discs
Burn Audio CDs from WAV, MP3, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files
Burn MP3-CDs from your MP3 files
Burn Video DVD, Video CD (VCD) or Super Video CD (S-VCD)
Create CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc images
Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc images
Burn speed and other options can all be set automatically
Make copies from audio, video or data discs easily
Interactive troubleshooting assistant for solving hardware and media problems
Save project files so that you can burn duplicate disks easily later
Supports over 1,700 CD, DVD and Blu-ray burners
Multi-disc file backup and restore on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs
Create compressed backup archives with powerful password protection
Split archives automatically across multiple CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs
Restore archive contents to their original location
Integrated Audio CD ripper which stores your audio tracks as WMA or WAV files
Set the number of copies you want to burn (all formats)
verify disks without ejecting first (if the drive supports the feature)

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE
Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE Web Page

Supports Windows 7, 8, 10

Supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs
Multi-disc file backup and restore
Create compressed backups with password protection
Split archives automatically across multiple CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs
Restore archive contents to their original locations
Rip Audio CD to WMA or WAV files
Set the number of copies you wish to burn on all disc formats
Verify Discs without ejected first (if the drive supports this feature)
Burns files and folders to data discs
Burns Audio CDs from MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis files
Burns MP3 CD's from MP3 files
Burns Video DVD, Video CD (VCD) and Super Video CD (SVCD)
Create and burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc images
Burn speed as well as other options can be set automatically
Makes copies from audio, video or data discs
Interactive troubleshooting assistant for solving media and hardware problems
Saves project files so that one can burn the same discs again later
Erases CD-RWs / DVD+RWs / DVD-RWs/ DVD-RAM/ BD-REs

DeepBurner Free Portable
DeepBurner WebSite

DeepBurner Free Portable runs right off of removable media
USB flash drive, Compact flash card, even a floppy disk
DeepBurner Free Portable has all these features

Compile your CDs and DVDs in different formats
Easily create and burn regular data CDs/DVDs
AudioCD recording functionality
Build and burn ISO Images
Supports IDE/EIDE, USB, SCSI, and Fire Wire CD/DVD writers
Overburn function
Buffer underrun technology "Burn-Proof"
DAO, SAO and TAO Writing methods support
Support for CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM
Create Multi-session CDs
Bootable CD/DVD support
Dynamically adjustable drive buffer size
High Performance File/Disc Caching
Supports Long File Name (Joliet) File Systems
Creates ISO (100% DOS/Windows) compatible data CDs/DVDs
Supports multiple simultaneous recorders
Easy to use wizards help you create any type of burning project
Autorun Wizard makes it easy to create effective autoruns for your CDs
Easily make your own cover, booklet or case insert
Multi-language interface

Does Not support the following:
Disk-to-disk copy
Burning Video DVDs
Backup utility
Burn photo albums
Burning from the command line
Drive and media restoration/information utility

Notes on Selecting Burner Software
All are FREE and run in Windows versions from XP to 10

IMG Burn is full featured software with allot of advanced features,  but the user interface is less friendly, especially for the novice (at least until it's configured - once again slightly advanced - requires some know how) (See Hints) Add the "Drop Zone" and turn on Auto to calculate disk space usage. This one is the most configurable program here. Advanced users will enjoy having every setting imaginable! It's extremely capable and No registration Key is required.

CD BurnerXP does everything. It does Data, and Audio on every type of disk. It has a really great and easy to use, user interface. If that's all you need, this ones user interface is really great, and No registration key is required.

Ashampoo is for the most part, full featured software with most of the lights bells and whistles, in an extremely easy to use interface. The average user will find this one will easily let them do virtually any thing. The advanced user can take advantage of advanced features too! This might be considered a comparable alternative to Nero.

DeepBurner Free Portable is a removable media Burner program. It doesn't need any installation, just keep its folder on your removable media and run its executable file. Run it from a USB Drive, or a flash memory card.
ok features - portable - No registration key required.

Free Audio Conversion Software

DVDVideoSoft Audio Converter
DVDVideoSoft WebSite

This Free Audio Converter converts mp3, wav, m4a, aac, wma, ogg audio file formats.
Each format is provided with a built in profile / preset.
There is a preset editor which allows you to make personalized presets.
Use the preset editor to create presets with your own custom parameters and to add presets to the converter.
This program does Single and a batch mode audio conversions.

Free Audio Editing Software

Audacity Plugins
Audacity WebSite

Excellent Free easy-to-use software for recording and editing sounds.

  • Record live audio.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording.
  • And more! See the complete list of features.

NOTE: You will want to Download Lame for Audacity, as well as ffmpeg, in order to make Audacity fully functional!

Wavosaur 32 Bit
Wavosaur 64 Bit

Wavosaur WebSite

Free software for recording and editing sounds that runs from a single file.

    Wavosaur is a free sound editor, audio editor, wav editor software for editing, processing and recording sounds, wav and mp3 files. Wavosaur has all the features to edit audio (cut, copy, paste, etc.) produce music loops, analyze, record, batch convert. Wavosaur supports VST plugins, ASIO driver, multichannel wav files, real time effect processing.
    The program has no installer and doesn't write in the registry. It is and runs from a single executable file. Because of this it can run from a flash drive, which makes it portable. Use it as a free mp3 editor, for mastering, and sound design. The Wavosaur freeware audio editor works on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Note: You may need to download the free Lame Encoder .dll file to allow the program to export to the .mp3 format.
Just extract .dll file and put the lame_enc.dll file in the same directory as Wavosaur and you will be able to export to mp3.
To select a range of audio to cut or copy put the tip of the mouse literally on the audio in the display, click, hold and drag.

MP3Gain WebSite

Tired of having to adjust the volume every time your mp3 player changes songs?
MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they play back at the same volume.
MP3Gain does not just do peak normalization, as many normalization programs do.
It does statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.
MP3Gain makes completely lossless changes.
Quality is not lost in the change, because the program adjusts the mp3 file directly, without decoding and re-encoding the file.

Free Audio Recording & Online Collaboration Software

RiffWorks T4
RiffWorks T4 WebSite

Easy to use recording software geared towards Guitarists.
Automatic track creation - As a layer is recorded, it streams to other players.
Loop recording - As it loops, players can add layers with no latency.
Includes guitar effects
InstantDrummer, professionally recorded drum tracks - drums and effects.
Up to four musicians can collaborate on a song, simultaneously using RiffLink online collaboration and chat ( This Feature free for a limited time).
Find other musicians and invite them to jam.
RiffCaster song posting at RiffWorld.com
All without putting down your guitar! (Mac Version also available)

Free Voice Stress Analyzer (Lie Detection)

Voice Stress Analyzer Tool
Voice Stress Analyzer Tool WebSite

A Free Voice Stress Analysis Tool, that you can use as a crude form of Lie Detection.
Self Calibrates it's self to audio data.
Provides visual indication of vocal stress deviation from nominal indicated in Green, to a user adjustable "stressed" level indicated by red.
Plays back
Determines min/max, and average frequencies.
Eliminates audio noise packets, with amplitudes less than average.

Free Image Editing Software

Raster (bitmap) Graphics Verses Vector Graphics Explained

In contrast to raster (bitmap) graphics editors such as Photoshop, Gimp, paint.NET, or PhotoScape, Vector Graphics editors such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape store their graphics in a vector format.
Vector graphics is a resolution independent description of the actual shapes and objects that you see in the image.
A rasterization engine uses this information to determine how to plot each line and curve at any resolution or zoom level.
In Contrast, bitmap (raster) graphics is always bound to a specific resolution and stores an image as a grid of pixels.
Vector graphics are a complement, rather than an alternative, to bitmap graphics.
Each has its own purpose and are useful for different kinds of things.
Raster graphics tend to be better for photographs and some kinds of artistic drawings, whereas vectors are more suitable for design compositions, logos, images with text, technical illustrations, etc.
Note that Illustrator and Inkscape can import and display bitmap images, as well.
An imported bitmap becomes yet another object in your vector graphics, and you can do with it everything you can do to other kinds of objects (move, transform, clip, etc.)
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an open industry standard, XML based format for vector graphics, developed by the W3C.
Most vector editors these days can import and export SVG.
Modern browsers such as Firefox and Opera can display them directly without requiring any plug ins, and Internet Explorer, uses an SVG Viewer plug in from Adobe.

GIMP WebSite

(GNU Image Manipulation Program)
(On Par with Raster Graphics Image Editors such as an old version of Adobe Photoshop but FREE)

Excellent, Powerful, Free Image Editing Software

(Follow the link and check out the screen shots - This is really nice!)

Some of GIMP's Features:

  • Does most of what Photoshop does.

  • Customizable Interface

  • Photo Enhancement

  • Digital Retouching

  • Perspective transform

  • Sample Colorize

  • Barrel Distortion

  • Standard File Formats plus a few extra

  • Built in Hardware Support for a wide range of USB and MIDI controllers.

  • Many Free Plug-Ins available right from GIMP's Web Site.

  • Many Supported Platforms

Gimp is as close to the power of Photoshop as one can get for FREE!
This is powerful image editing software, that does allot on it's own, and with the addition of its FREE plug-ins, it can do allot more! Gimp is worth having, even if you already own Photoshop!
The Bestyoucanget.com logo was created by GIMP using bump mapping, right from GIMPs FREE tutorials, and I have the latest Photoshop. Gimp provides FREE Online Users Manuals as well.

paint.NET WebSite

paint.NET is simple Free image editing tool
paint.NET was originally created to replace paint in Windows as an upgrade.
(Less Powerful and Sophisticated than GIMP - Less tools but easier to use - Better than Windows paint)

  • Support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.

  • Every feature and user interface element was designed to be immediately intuitive and quickly learnable without assistance.

  • Tabs display a live thumbnail of the image

  • Layers

  • Tools for drawing shapes, including an easy-to-use curve tool for drawing splines or Bezier curves

  • The Gradient tool

  • The facilities for creating and working with selections is powerful, yet still simple enough to be picked up quickly

  • Magic Wand for selecting regions of similar color, and the

  • Clone Stamp for copying or erasing portions of an image

  • a simple text editor

  • tool for zooming

  • Recolor tool

PhotoScape WebSite

PhotoScape is easy photo editing software. Use PhotoScape to fix and enhance photos.

Viewer: View photos, create slideshows
Editor: resize, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, add text, draw pictures, crop, filters, red eye removal, blooming.
Batch editor: Batch editing of multiple photos.
Page: Make one photo by merging multiple photos at the page frame.
Combine: Make one photo by attaching multiple photos vertically or horizontally.
Animated GIF: Make an animation photo from multiple photos.
Print: Print a portrait shot, carte de visite, passport photo.
Splitter: Divide a photo into multiple parts.
Screen Capture: Capture a screenshot, and save it.
Color Picker: Zoom in screen on images, search and pick the color.
Rename: Change photo file names in batch mode.
Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG.
Note: Currently the converter will not change RAW to JPEG unless you load the RAW file from within the native file navigator.
Paper Print: Print lined, graph, music, and calendar papers.
Face Search: Find similar faces on the internet.
Photoscape is free-of-charge.
They are always upgrading PhotoScape.

InkScape WebSite
InkScape Tutorials

A Vector Graphics Image Editor (Like Adobe Illustrator) for Free!

Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X.
What sets Inkscape apart is its use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an open XML based W3C standard, as its native format.
Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features:
alpha blending
And much More
InkScape has a intelligently designed streamlined interface. This is a Fully Featured Editor!
Very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more.
InkScape has excellent Free Online Tutorials available to teach one how to use InkScape. There is a link above as well for your convenience.

Free Image Stitching Software
Great for use with your Digital Camera or Scanner

Microsoft Image Composite Editor-32bit
Microsoft Image Composite Editor-64bit

Microsoft Image Composite Editor WebSite

Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) is Free Panoramic Image Stitching Software.
This Editor takes a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, and creates a high-resolution panorama.
It figures out everything, from lining up the stitch, to adjusting the image exposures automatically, producing the best possible final stitched image.
Stitched panorama can be saved in a wide variety of  formats like TIFF, JPEG, & PNG, HD View and Silverlight Deep Zoom.
Create Panoramas from common formats like JPEG or TIFF.
This software is very easy to use, does all the drudge work for you, and yields exceptional results that are truly awesome (the app for most people).
Use for Scanning materials that are too large for your scanner to capture in a single scan, as well as creating Panoramas from multiple photo images.
This is the Free Image Stitching Software I Recommend!
If you desire the ability to intentionally be artistically creative with the stitching of your images (Like creating a collage or mosaic), then try Hugin.

Use (Very Easy to Use - Simple Stitch):
Select "New" from the "File" drop down.
In the Window that appears, browse to and select / highlight all the images you want to stitch together, then click the "open" button.
(Hint: Hold down the Control (ctrl) Key while clicking images to select a group of random images, or the Shift Key while clicking to select a range.)
Wait while ICE figures out the stitch, and stitches your panorama together - this will take some time, be patient.
ICE will display the stitched image.
Crop the stitched image to the desired final result you desire.
Adjust your desired output image quality levels.
Click the "Export" button.
Save your image with the desired filename in the desired location.

Hugin - Panorama Photo Stitcher
Hugin WebSite
Hugin Tutorials

Open-source Free software which enables one to assemble photographs into a panorama, mosaic, or other forms of art.
Stitch any series of overlapping images.
Hint: Use the Align feature in the Assistant tab. If this does not work you must manually select alignment points.
This software requires the user to do allot more work to yield results, but also allows more artistic creativity (If art is what you're after, this is for you).
Use for Scanning materials that are too large for your scanner to capture in a single scan, as well as creating Panoramas from multiple photo images.

Free Image Viewing Software

XnView WebSite

This is a Photo Viewer that will view  raw RAF format photos from certain cameras
that there is no native CODEC support for in Windows. It will also run slide shows and has
organizational features. A nice add on if you need that type of support.

Import about 400 graphic file formats Export about 50 graphic file formats
Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO support
Image IPTC, EXIF metadata support
EXIF auto rotation support
IPTC editing
Resize, rotate, crop support
Lossless rotate & crop (jpeg) support
Adjust brightness, contrast...
Auto levels, contrast
Modify number of colors
Apply filters (blur, average, emboss, ...)
Apply effects (lens, wave, ...)
Fullscreen mode
Slide show with effects
Batch convert, batch rename
Create WEB page easily
Screen capture
Create contact Sheet
Create or edit Multi-page file (TIFF, DCX, LDF)
TWAIN & WIA support (Windows only)
Print support (Windows only)
Drag & Drop support (Windows only)
Compare image side by side
Filmstrip layout

FastStone Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer Web Site

FastStone Image Viewer is an image browser, converter, and editor with Image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, resizing, cropping and color adjustments.

Supports for all major formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA).
Supports for these popular digital camera RAW formats (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, MRW, ORF, SRF and DNG).

Thumbnail browser
Major functionalities can be accessed from pop up toolbars when your mouse pointer touches the edges of the screen.
True Full Screen viewer with zoom
Lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram
Red-Eye effect removal/reduction
Image modification tools: Resize/resample, rotate/flip, crop, sharpen/blur, brightness/contrast, etc.
Image color effects: gray scale, sepia, negative, Red/Green/Blue adjustment
Image special effects: watermark, annotation, drop shadow, framing, bump map, lens, morph, waves
Draw texts, lines, highlights, rectangles, ovals and callout objects on images
Multi-level Undo/Redo capability
Musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects
One-touch best fit/actual size image display support
Image management, including tagging capability, with drag-and-drop, and Copy To/Move To Folder support
Histogram display with color counter feature
Quick access to EXIF information in Full Screen Mode and EXIF metadata support (plus comment editing for JPEGs)
Compare images side by side (up to 4 at a time)
Configurable batch processing to convert/rename collections of images
Slideshows with 150+ transition effects, and music support (MP3, WMA, WAV...)
Print images with page layout control
Acquire images from a scanner
Screen capture capability
Save As interface Compares image quality and controls generated file size
Configurable mouse wheel support
Portable version of the program which can be run from a removable storage device

Free Image Exif Data Viewer

Exif Pilot
Exif FarmX32
Exif FarmX64

Exif Pilot WebSite
Exif Farm WebSite

Exif Pilot is a line of EXIF editors for viewing, editing, and creating metadata (EXIF, IPTC, and XMP data).
Viewing EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC, and XMP data.
Editing, creating, and viewing EXIF, EXIF GPS, and IPTC data (all EXIF 2.2 standard tags are supported)
Import/export of metadata (EXIF and IPTC) from/to XML, MS Excel files, and CSV format files

Exif Farm is a line of EXIF editing plug ins for viewing, editing, and creating metadata (EXIF, IPTC, and XMP).
Exif Farm is not a standalone program.
It is a plugin integrated in your right click menu.
To run Exif Farm, find your file(s) in Windows Explorer.
Right click the selected file and choose "Properties" in the context menu.

Supported Image Formats:
JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DNG, NEF, PEF, CRW, JP2, and PSD - reading, editing, and creating metadata.
RAW formats, including CR2, MRW, ARW, SR2, ORF, RW2, PGF, SP2, and RAF - read-only mode.
System requirements: Win XP/Vista/7

Free 3D Graphics and Modeling

Blender WebSite

Blender is a free open source 3D content creation suite, available under the GNU General Public License.
Blender has a large toolset, (from modeling to sequence editing) accessed by a consistent and flexible user interface.

model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3d

Non-overlapping and non-blocking UI delivers excellent workflow.
Flexible, fully configurable window layout, with as many screen setups as you prefer.
Undo support on all levels.
Anti-aliased fonts with international translation support.
Any window space can be easily switched to any window type (curve editor, NLA, 3D view etc).
Built in text editor for annotations, and editing Python scripts.
Graphical user interface for Python scripts.
Consistent interface across all platforms.
Custom themes.

UV Unwrapping
Physics and Particles
Realtime 3D/Game Creation
Imaging and Compositing

File Types Supported:
TGA, JPG, PNG, OpenEXR, DPX, Cineon, Radiance HDR, Iris, SGI Movie, IFF, AVI and Quicktime GIF, TIFF, PSD, MOV (Windows and Mac OS X)
3D Studio, AC3D, COLLADA, FBX Export, DXF, Wavefront OBJ, DEC Object File Format, DirectX, Lightwave, MD2, Motion Capture, Nendo, OpenFlight, PLY, Pro Engineer, Radiosity, Raw Triangle, Softimage, STL, TrueSpace, VideoScape, VRML, VRML97, X3D Extensible 3D, xfig export
Blender may require the Python Installation from Pythons WebSite in order to run correctly. This is NOT a simple, easy to use program for novices!

Download Free VoIP PC to Phone Software

Google Voice
Get a Totally FREE Forwarded Phone Number with Voicemail and loaded with features!!!

Get a FREE virtual Phone Number with Voice Mail and Text, or Just add Free Voice Mail to your existing Phone Number.
Add a real additional phone number which is local to anywhere you choose with all incoming calls forwarded to the phone or phones of your choice.
Use one number to manage from just one, to all of your phones; your Google Voice number is tied to you, not to a particular device or location.
Answer Calls anywhere.
Define which phones ring, based on who's calling, and even Listen in on voicemail before answering the call.
Incoming calls forwarded to your existing phones.
Ring to multiple phones simultaneously. (i.e. Ring phones at multiple numbers simultaneously)
Smart technology routes your calls.
If you're already on a Google Voice call, it will recognize it and use call waiting to reach you at the phone you're on.
Change and schedule your "ring to" numbers.
Change and schedule extensions, call forwarding, and voice mail using web control.
Manually control or schedule a "Do Not Disturb", or turn forwarding on or off to numbers of your choice individually.
Decide which of your phones ring based on who's calling, and optionally send some callers of your choice straight to voicemail.
Create a Blocked Caller Group for the numbers of annoying callers you no longer wish to be disturbed by, and set that groups settings not to forward.
Change settings anytime, anywhere.
Online Access.
Works with mobile phones, home phones, and work phones.
There's nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don't have to make or take calls using a computer.
No Set Up Fees - Totally Free.
Cancel anytime.
Pick your new Phone Number.
Voicemail saved like email: Save voicemail messages for as long as you'd like, star important ones, and search through them.
Voicemail transcription option: Voicemail messages will be automatically transcribed to text and sent to you via email and/or SMS.
Customize your callers' experience with optional custom voicemail greetings on individual user or group levels.
Create a custom outgoing message for the Voice Mail associated with your Blocked Caller Group.
If for dating, BestYouCanGet.com suggests using these MP3's (M1) (M2) from Rejection Hotline for the Blocked Caller Groups outgoing message.
Right Click on the Message links (M1) (M2), and click "Save Target As" to save the MP3's, then use them to record the groups outgoing message.
Have a locally recognized phone number in the places you want.
You’ll sound like you’re across the street, even if you’re across the globe.
Set up online and be functional with your new number in minutes.
International calling: Make low priced international calls from the web or from your phone.
Know someone with local calling service only? Get a number local to them, that forwards calls made to that number to your phone. Now they can call
Great for a Consulting Side Business without adding an extra phone line. Keep your personal number private, and schedule calls to your work hours. Also keeps your business and personal voice mails separate.

Download Free Instant Messenger Software:

Free Instant Messenger Software Programs


(AOL Instant Messenger)

(Remove ICQ Search from Internet Explorer New Tabs)



Google Talk-NOW Hangouts



Multi-Messenger Software Programs
The instant Messenger Programs above, all in one interface at the same time. Log in to several accounts at once from only one program.

Trillian WebSite

Palringo WebSite

Pidgin WebSite

Paltalk WebSite


Free Video Chat Room Client:

Camfrog WebSite

The most popular live webcam chat community!
Over 30 million downloads and millions of registered users.
Make free live audio & video calls world-wide.
Join live webcam chat rooms or host your own for free.
Fast streaming video and great audio quality.
A live webcam user photo directory makes it easy to meet new people.
See and hear many people at a time in one of the many multi-user audio-video rooms listed and hosted independently by Camfrog users.
Users with a fast connection can host their own multi-user video conference for free!
Find someone to video chat with 1on 1 using live streaming audio, and video with it's live webcam user directory.
View photos of other people currently online, and search for Camfrog users in your area.
It's easy to see if users are male, female, and if they have a camera.
It has adult chat, and a camera is not required to use this service.

Free IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client:


Turbo IRC 7 - 32 Bit
Turbo IRC 7 - 64 Bit

Turbo IRC WebSite

Some IRC Channel Search Engines for your convenience:

Search IRC  Netsplit  Gogloom

Some of the more Popular Networks are:

DALnet, EFnet, Freenode, GameSurge, IRCHighWay, QuakeNet, Rizon, Undernet, and Webchat


Free Blogging Editors / Clients:

Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Writer WebSite

Windows Live Writer is FREE blogging software.
It allows you to add photos and videos, and enables you to format everything the way you want it.
Once your blog is finished, it allows you to easily publish your work to most blogging services.

BlogDesk WebSite

BlogDesk is a FREE blogging client for Windows.
BlogDesk makes it easy to write blogs, which can speed up the process.
BlogDesk works well with: WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine

Free File Sharing Clients:

Always Virus Check any Downloads you receive from the use of these clients before running or installing them.

Shareaza Website

Downloads and shares Music and Video's

Shareaza is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file found on several popular P2P networks.
Shareaza can connect to up to 4 separate Peer-to-Peer networks, providing access to hundreds of thousands of users.
You can download and upload from the following networks:
EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and Gnutella2 (G2).
Preview album covers, descriptions, and song lists using a feature called Collections.
Once you've discovered the collection, just click the file-list to download.
With Shareaza's well designed interface you can do a lot more than the other clients out there.
Download from multiple sources across four networks at the same time so downloads are fast.
Shareaza detects, and fixes corruption before the download completes.
You wont download corrupted files and mp3s that skip.
Find the file you're looking for with Global Searching on Gnutella2, and Search the entire network, not just part of it.
Shareaza has multiple results tabs.
Each search is displayed in a new window.
Your search results will never be over written.
Get picture, and movie previews right from the search panel.
View comments, and ratings written by users like you.
Previews, users comments, and ratings.
This ensures you avoid those fakes, and download the real deal!
Preview your files, and Chat with others.
Play all types of video, and audio files, watch visualisations, edit playlists, and control the player with a remote.
Shareaze has Preview filters to view that video file before it has finished downloading.
Shareaza will preview incomplete audio, and video files!
Chat with friends one-on-one.
Block unwanted attention With the help of security block lists.
Security Block Lists are IP and client filters.
This gives you have the ability to block malicious companies, and clients.

FrostWire WebSite

Downloads from LimeWire Networks, but is Better than LimeWire (This one downloads Software)

Open Source - Completely Free
Faster Download Speeds
iTunes Compatible
Faster Torrent Speeds
Online Chat Rooms
BitTorrent Support
More Connections
Built in community chat

FrostWire is based on the very popular LimeWire PRO Gnutella/BitTorrent client.
Share any type of file on Gnutella and the BitTorrent network.
FrostWire is derived from LimeWire Pro source code, and it functions the same way.
When you search for a file using FrostWire, you get LimeWire results.
The differences between FrostWire and LimeWire are:
FrostWire is free, but is based on LimeWire Pro (the paid version of the LimeWire client), so you wont have to worry about simultaneous download restrictions, and you won't waste bandwidth to download advertising.
The interface was changed from green to blue, and has been improved.
Tabs have rounded corners, and there are additions.
Connections monitors your outgoing, and incoming connections by host name.
Connections also provides bandwidth information, the vendor, and version being used.

FrostWire's built in media player currently isn't working with MP3's or MPG's, even though the downloaded files work fine in other media players.
Some people experience faster downloads with FrostWire.
Note: The application comes bundled with the ASK toolbar, which you can opt out of (recommended) during the installation process.

HFS ~ HTTP File Server
HFS ~ HTTP File Server WebSite

  • Use HFS ~ HTTP File Server to send and receive files.

  • Download and Upload, Full control over the connection.

  • Doesn't use a network for P2P sharing.

  • Can be 1 on 1 or a group.

  • Accounts


Torrent Clients

BitTorrent WebSite

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) client designed to efficiently manage the downloading of large, digital files such as video, music, and games. This link takes you to the site for the Download of this Torrent Download Client. There is Complete Documentation there for BitTorrent. Below is all you need to get off to a great start installing, configuring, and using your new Torrent Download Client if your a first time user.
Always Virus Check any Downloads before running or installing them.

Hints on installation

During Install I un-check the options for changing my default search and for installing  the optional ASK Tool Bar.
These are not needed for the Torrent Download Client to be Installed in it's entirety.

Hints on configuration

In the drop down menus - Options - Preferences - Bandwidth:
I change my settings under "Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent" to 0 and
I Un-Check "Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%"
This will prevent it from using Bandwidth for uploading content.

Hints on Use

When you wish to Download a Torrent you must have BitTorrent running in order for the Download to commence. Either click on it's desktop icon, or select it from your (start menu) Program Menu. It's Icon should be showing in the system tray (by the clock) Once Installed and configured, with BitTorrent running (it can be closed down to the system tray)
To use BitTorrent:
simply click on a Torrent Download link for something you would like to download from (in) your Web Browser and
Bit Torrent will open with a pop up window in front of it displaying the items to be included in the download on the bottom and other options on the top. At this point you may review the list of download items on the bottom, and un-check any items you do not wish to be included in your download, then Simply click OK and your download will begin. Upon completion you can right click on the item and select open containing folder to gain access to your file/files and view the path to them for future reference. They are accessible on your hard drive.

When the application is closed it stays active in the system Tray (by the Clock) In order to truly shut it down you must Right Click on it there and left click on Exit.

Here's a sample torrent download site to try BitTorrent out on. Links to Torrent Download sites with exceptional content may be coming soon.
Sample Torrent Download Sites: mininova  TorrentPortal  TorrentReactor  LegalTorrents

Download Managers

Orbit Downloader
Orbit Downloader WebSite


Orbit Downloader is a FREE Flash Video Download Manager

downloading, such media as video/music/streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, support RTMP. And to make general downloading easier and faster.

Orbit Downloader supports HTTP/FTP/HTTPS/RTSP/MMS/RTMP protocols and provides a total solution to download rich media. So Orbit Downloader can be used as YouTube downloader to download YouTube more simply and easily. Additionally, you can download music and video from social music/video websites like YouTube.

  • Grab Pro - Download RTMP protocol video

  • Download e-mail and forum attachments with great speed!

  • More Efficient mirrors selection algorithm and faster download sources!

  • Maximum possible download speed, up to the fastest download manager!

  • Download social music and video include Youtube, Pandora, Myspace easily

  • Support all streaming media protocol include RTMP/ MMS/ RTSP

  • Support all popular browsers include Firefox


Orbit can easily download video and music files from YouTube, Myspace, Google Video, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, iFilm/Spike and any websites with embedded FLV flash videos. YouTube is a great source of Flash Video. Orbit adds a Browser Plug-In which has a tool bar download manager that enables you to download Google Videos as well as other videos. Orbit has a floating "GetIt" Button that appears when you move your mouse over a playing flash video, and clicking on it opens the Download Window. Clicking on Download begins downloading of the current video being played. Orbit also floats a good sized icon over your tool bar on your web browser. This icon is a Drop Window. This icon can be removed by right clicking the icon, and un-checking the drop window option. The Drop Window can also be dragged to more convenient locations. To use the Drop Window, simply click a video and drag your mouse over to the Drop Window while holding the mouse button down, then let go of the mouse button. (Drag and Drop), This is another way to begin the download process for the selected video. After Orbit is installed it will function as a download manager for other files. This can be disabled by Right Clicking the System Tray Icon and Un-Checking "Browser Monitoring". This can also be enabled and disabled on the fly by right clicking on the system tray icon and checking or un-checking this option. Doing this will stop it from doing anything but the embedded flash videos you chose to download. During the installation there is an option for a thing called "Grab Pro". This can be enabled and disabled also, but is a the most valuable feature of Orbits Video Downloader if you want to get video's from places like Google Video and other places that regular flash download managers wont download. It will let you record whatever video is playing on a web page and save it in your specified download directory. If you initiate a file download other than video and the download manager comes up, the download manager download can be canceled and the Browsers normal download will take it's place instantly. Once again, this can be disabled, by un-checking "Browser Monitoring".

Orbits Grab Pro abilities to easily download video from more sources and integrated ability to add your virus scanner in its preferences to automatically scan everything you download make Orbit a more versatile Download Manager, however, Grab Pro is also more to enable and disable when switching between normal Browser functionality and trolling for video. I don't like having a download manager for normal web downloads so one must be diligent in closing the interface by right clicking on the system tray icon and clicking exit. In addition with Orbit's Grab Pro one must right click on the tool bar when not in use and un-check Grab Pro, then click disable. This must be re-checked and re-enabled in order to use it later. As a tool bar it takes up too much valuable browser real estate to leave active when not in use, but as the only way to download some videos  it is also worth having. It comes at the price of enabling to use and disabling when your done. Additionally in the Preferences under the General setting there is a box to un-check, if you didn't already take care of this one during the installation, "Start Orbit on system startup". Un-checking this will prevent Orbit from opening up automatically every time you boot your computer. Orbits browser plug-in will keep it in play when your using your browser. The rest of the time I'll run it when I want to. I don't want to run it all the time.

Orbit Downloader works. I have tried some programs that could not successfully download the videos, or downloaded un-playable files. I have successfully used it to download embedded flash video files from web pages containing them.
If you're into YouTube and would like to have a copy of some of the videos, Orbit Downloader is for you!


Notes on Installation and Use:



During Install un-check the following:

  • Start Orbit on system start up
  • Set my home page to Orbit downloader start page

After Install un-check the following by right clicking the system tray icon (by the clock):

  • Browser Monitoring


Notable System Tray Icon (by the clock) right click menu options:

  • Drop Zone - turns on and off the Drop Zone Icon - a place to drag media and drop to begin downloading it.
  • Browser Monitoring - Turn this off! It monitors your browser for ANY download activity and activates Orbit as your download manager instead of your normal browser download function. Orbits ability to function for video is not effected by disabling this.
  • Enable "GetIt" button for catching media - This turns the "GetIt" button display on and off. "GetIt" button is a function of "Grab Pro" and requires "Grab Pro" to be enabled (tool bar will be displayed) as well as checking this box.
  • Preferences - This opens the Orbit Preferences window. All of Orbits configuration settings are found here.
  • Exit - This closes the interface and system tray icon. Even with this closed, if Grab Pro is enabled the "GetIt" button will be displayed when your mouse is over a playing flash video.

Grab Pro Tool Bar Use:
(Tool Bars are at the top of your Browser and contain things like buttons)

  • Right Click a spot on your Browsers Tool Bars, Not on a Button (on a tool bar) or Click on the View drop down menu and go to Toolbars.
  • A menu containing a list of all available Tool Bars appears.
  • By Checking or Un-Checking items on this menu Tool Bars appear and disappear from the top of your Browser.
  • The Menu should contain an item for Orbit Downloader called "Grab Pro"
  • A Check Next to "Grab Pro" means "Grab Pro" is enabled. If there is no Check next to "Grab Pro" it is disabled, and the "Grab Pro" Tool Bar is not displayed in your Browser, also the "GetIt" Button will not function, as it is a function of "Grab Pro"

Turn Off "Grab Pro" to remove the "Grab Pro" Tool Bar and free up Browser Real Estate when not attempting to Download Video.
This is done by:

  • Right Clicking on the Tool Bar or Click on the View drop down menu and go to Toolbars..
  • Left Clicking and Un-Checking the "Grab Pro" menu item.
  • Left Clicking "Disable" on the "Disable Add On" Window that will pop up.
  • Close and Re-Open your Browser.

Turn On "Grab Pro" to Add the "Grab Pro" Tool Bar and enable the "GetIt" Button if checked in the Orbit Downloader Tray Icons Right Click Menu. "Grab Pro" is really the key feature to the Orbit Downloader. When attempting to download video, you want to enable "Grab Pro"!
This is done by:

  • Right Clicking on the Tool Bar or Click on the View drop down menu and go to Toolbars..
  • Left Clicking and Checking the "Grab Pro" menu item.
  • Left Clicking "Disable" on the "Disable Add On" Window that will pop up.
  • Close and Re-Open your Browser.

Default Download Location:
The Videos you download will be placed by default in a folder called Downloads on Drive C: (C:\Downloads)


Free Web Page Editors:

Amaya WebSite

One of the Best FREE editors currently available.
Amaya lets users both browse and author Web pages.
Amaya enables you to create Web pages and upload them onto a web host server.
Create an html page, and email it from Amaya.
Create documents from scratch.
Browse the web and find the information you need.
Copy and paste information into pages, edit, and create links to other Web sites.
Everything is done in a straightforward and simple manner.
Editing and browsing functions are both integrated into Amaya.
Amaya always structures documents internally in a way consistent with the Document Type Definition (DTD).
Amaya allows you to display the document structure at the same time as the formatted view, which is portrayed diagrammatically on the screen.
Work on several documents at a time.
Supports creation of HTML (X)HTML, native MathML (.mml), SVG (.svg), and Compound documents.
Create hyperlinks, Tables, Frames.
Use and edit CSS Style sheets.
View allows you to split the display to show the WYSIWYG interface, along with Source Code, or structure diagram simultaneously.
XLink, and any MathML and SVG element can be a link too.
Includes a collaborative annotation application to make external comments, notes, remarks that can be attached to any Web document.

Trellian WebPage
Trellian WebSite

Free WYSIWYG Web Page Editor

Intuitive Interface
Imports pages compatible with today's browsers
Absolute positioning of HTML elements
Color Highlighted HTML Editor
Meta Tag editor
Drag & drop interface
Imports all major image formats including PNG & JPEG
Support for current Internet technologies
Built-in document spellchecker
Support for 1000's of Photoshop Plugins
Easy image conversion and re-sampling tools with unlimited undo's
Create Search engine friendly pages using it's meta tag editing interface.
Open and edit multiple pages in a Tabbed Interface.
Split editing mode to allow one to work in both code and WYSIWYG simultaneously.
Float page objects (using CSS). - Layer Support by just highlighting the object and clicking float, then drag them where you want.
Decent control of Tables, Cells, and Forms from within the WYSIWYG interface.
Built in Active X Controls you can add and adjust the properties of through the WYSIWYG interface.
Embedded Plugin Support through the WYSIWYG interface (Plugins not built in to editor - Open dialog will allow you to browse for your plugin)
Internal and External Script Support through the WYSIWYG interface (scripts not built in to editor - Open dialog to browse for Script)
Java Support through the WYSIWYG interface (Java Scripts not built in to editor - Open dialog to browse for Java Script)
HTML Markup Support through the WYSIWYG interface, open dialog to browse for your HTML Markup.
The interface can be customized from the right click menu. By right clicking on the desired button, and selecting "add to quick access toolbar", one can add commonly used controls to the quick access tool bar (top left corner), which doesn't disappear when toggling genres of tool bar controls.

PageBreeze WebSite

Free WYSIWYG Web Page Edditor

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor is an award-winning web page Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes.
This Editor is designed for ease-of-use. It is geared toward a beginner at web page design. It is the easiest to use, but with the fewest features.

A basic - featured but easy to use visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor for creating web pages.
Powered by Internet Explorer, so you can always be sure you are seeing exactly what you will get.
Color-coded HTML source (tag) editor.
You can switch between HTML source and visual modes at any time, and any changes you have made will instantly be reflected in both modes.
Preview mode lets you instantly see what your finished web page will look like in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Included webpage templates and direct access to hundreds of free website templates to give you a fast start on creating a great looking site.
Drag-and-drop Form Builder makes it fast and easy to create powerful web forms.
Built-in integration with PageBreeze form processing service, so you can make your web forms work almost instantly with no programming, scripts, or technical knowledge required.
Built-in integration with the PageBreeze web knowledgebase, so you can easily add a 24x7 customer service system that will answer your customers' questions instantly.

Notes on Free Web Page Editors:

The Free Web Page Editors available on the web have varying capabilities, strong points, limitations and weak points.
In the interest of coming up with the best FREE solution, one may wish to install a combination of  editor and free web page feature add on, and use them in combination for editing a single page. The editor alone may do everything many people need. Other people may want to mix match them with free feature add on editors for the array of web components their page needs. In addition to considering the editors features, I considered the end  results produced. I evaluated them based on ease of use, features and results in the WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) mode. I created simple web pages on each editor offered here, as well as many others available for free on the web. I evaluated them side by side. On each one I created a page that utilized the page elements I use here on the Best You Can get web site. Here's the highlites:

Amaya - So far the best I found - Almost as good as Trellians user interface, for the WYSIWYG portion of the editor, right now, but Amaya is still being developed, so there are hopes that in the future this editor will improve in many ways. The information here represents what was available at the time of this review (Amaya 11). Many of Amaya's interface options are displayed in a tool bar which by default is on the right, but may be moved. If this editor does improve, it could become not only the Best Free editor available, without a doubt, but a contender with paid editors. If you know just a little html and can do rudimentary editing of the source code (which I find necessary frequently, even with my paid editors, in order to get the results I want), then you will like Amaya MUCH better than Trellian, in spite of Trellians fancy interface. I still like my paid editor better than any of the free editors currently available, but I could at least get by, and get things done with Amaya, and/ or possibly Trellian (but mainly Amaya). There are other Free editors out there, but currently they are a complete  waste of time!!! One negative thing I noticed with Amaya 11 is that Amaya's WYSIWYG editor currently gets stuck in the table. If you make a table, and wish to edit anywhere below the table to add text links or pretty much anything for that matter, no matter how much you try to click below the table, you will still be in the table. You can access above the table, and in the table, but NOT below the table, until you place something below the table in the pages source code. If you go into the source code you can get around this glitch, by copying a <P> </P> tag item and pasting it  (or just creating one) below the table, but it is annoying! Copying an entire line of code is easy, as you can just click the line number to highlight the entire line, then copy and paste or overwrite the code. It is easy enough to apply Class to a table, but if you want switch from table3 to table4 it will add the new table class to the code, without getting rid of the old class, so switching class is easier to do in the source code. There is typically an interface with a list of the class items and/or id items available that you can select from. The "Apply Class" list on the right (by default) is reasonable, but if you are trying to switch tags, it adds class tags, instead of switching them. Once an item has a class tag it is easier to edit the source code than use the user interface to attempt to change it, and you WILL only end up editing the source code anyway! Amaya handles errors in Source Code better than the others. Amaya will show you the errors, so that you can correct them. A colored circle in the bottom right of the interface is green to indicate everything is good, or it turns red to indicate errors in the code. Clicking on the Red Circle opens a pop-up window telling you the line number, character number, as well as listing the line with the error for you, and description of the error, so you can quickly find and correct it. None of the Free editors are perfect (yet), but with what is here, you could at least get the job done in a reasonable fashion, relatively speaking.

Trellian Web Page - So far one of the best I found - Will Float page objects using CSS for Layer Support. Has Save, but not Save As.
When you want to make a  modified copy of an already existing page, Save As is very handy to have. You could copy the file to another location and re-name it, then move it back to open it and edit it, but Save As is much easier. You can also copy and paste the code from your original, or template, in to a "New" Blank Page Tab, overwriting the code on the new blank page. This can be done in Trellian as it supports tabbed pages / editing. I was attempting to stay with in the confines of the WYSIWYG interface. Copying and pasting code from Tab to Tab, while it doesn't require HTML knowledge, does require leaving the WYSIWYG portion of the interface. It can be done from within the editor, as the editor supports editing the code directly. When creating pages from scratch, this is not an issue. This only matters when one wishes to use an existing page as a template.  Trellian  also has a Split editing mode to allow one to work in both code and WYSIWYG simultaneously. This is the most full featured and powerful Free editing option that produces good results, I have found. The output also looks good in a web browser. This editor also had the best HTML editing user interface of the free editors I've tested. Trellian makes only a few very long strings out of the Source Code, which is annoying to edit, or reformat to something reasonable. The web browser wont care, but if you ever have to edit the source code, you will be pulling your hair out!
Trelian may crash if there is an error in the source code when switching back to WYSIWYG mode. I personally experienced a division by zero error.

PageBreeze - No Layer Support or Floating of objects possible. Only supports .jpg and .gif images, only 5 Font Selections, but the interface is by far the quickest and easiest to use and produces good results. This one is geared toward an absolute newbie, and should have the smallest learning curve for a beginner. Don't spend too long with it though, before you take off the training wheels, because the best editor has an updated interface, which is laid out differently from the other free editors, in a similar interface update fashion to Microsoft Office from years ago to what it is now. The best free editor offered here has the same design elements PageBreeze has plus many more, but you'll have to become familiar with where they are. This will cause you a small learning curve. You will be able to apply what you have learned on PageBreeze as far as page design elements, but you don't want to spend too much time, as you will have to get used to the new user interface, once you outgrow PageBreeze.

These results are from using the WYSIWYG Mode ONLY! One could use any of these to edit the HTML code, and gain more control over the page created. If you know just a little html and can do rudimentary editing of the source code, then you will like Amaya better than Trellian.
Amaya does a much better job of formatting the source code than any of the others. If you edit the source code you will appreciate that!
By using a Free editor, along with Free editors specializing in generating code as a web page ad on, one could gain the advantage of  an endless gamut of features, while still maintaining the advantage of speed and ease of use along with the desired output results. There are Free add ons, like the CoffeeCup DHTML Menu Builder below, that could be used to create more powerful, and advanced web pages with ease when used in combo with your web page editor, by simply copying and pasting code in to the web pages code, for the page your designing.
I will continue to evaluate these Free editors, and Free add on code generators, to put together what seems to be the best, and most powerful  package, utilizing Free software to cover as many possible aspects of easy WYSIWYG web page creation. I will also continue to evaluate these  Free add on code generators in which the add ons can be implemented by simply copying and pasting of the generated code  into your pages code, and does not require an actual HTML coding knowledge.

NotePad++  found below in this page is a really good text editor specializing in code. It will color tags, and elements of code to make editing code easier. Once configured, you can open multiple tabs, and add the close button (x) to the tabs. The Compare plug-in lets you compare page code side by side, and highlights the differences. It is a useful tool for anyone's tool box!!!

SeaMonkey (below-listed here for it's editor) - Tables Border Thickness can be adjusted but Table Border Color can not. Cell Border Color can not be adjusted either. No Layer or "float" Support. Sea Monkey offers only basic editing, but offers an all in one package for many other web based clients. SeaMonkey produces good editing results. SeaMonkey's Web Browser will let you right where right click is disabled on a web site.

Combo Web Application - Editor, Browser, email, News, and IRC Clients

Sea Monkey WebSite

Free Browser,  WYSIWYG Web Page Editor, email, news, and IRC Chat Client

  • Can be used for its add on abilities to do some pretty cool things.

  • Can exist with other Browsers on the same machine, and does Not need to be your Default Web Browser.

  • SeaMonkey will edit your Web Pages in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Environment.

  • In addition  SeaMonkey has a POP3 email client, news client, and an IRC chat client, all built in.

Note: Look in the bottom left corner of the program to toggle from the browser to the editor and other functions.

CoffeeCup DHTML Menu Builder
CoffeeCup WebSite

Create cool interactive sliding menus easily for Free!

Create professional-looking DHTML menus for your Website, without writing code.
Make professional-looking drop-down or sidestep menus.
You can completely customize the colors, fonts, borders, alignment, padding, and much more.
DHTML Menu Builder is able to create both horizontal top menu and vertical side menu navigation systems. Create multilevel or tiered menus easily, that will work in all browsers and even support frames. Totally customizable, you can adjust fonts, colors, borders, padding, and alignment, even adjust the arrows on the submenus. Lots of features and options give you full control of the layout and design.

  Some Features of this Free DHTML Menu Builder:

I have used this successfully to create attractive active menus for a web site. I previewed the menu created, and viewed the source code in my Browser. Then I copied and pasted it with out the html and body tags, which I removed in order to insert the code into the existing web pages.

Notepad++ WebSite

This beats the regular Notepad in Windows, with multi-document tabbed notes, and highlighted syntax for those editing code.
Tabs are customizable, like showing the close button on each tab. Notepad++ also has plug-ins to add more features.

Free Backgrounds


GR Sites

Background Labs

Backgrounds Archive


Free Flash Banner Editors:

Powerbullet 1.35
Create Flash Banners
Swiff Builder WebSite

Simpler to use, smaller file, takes less space, but has less features than 1.43 below
Create animated presentations
Loads of functionality
Simple type, click and drag editing
Entirely free, no ads

Powerbullet Presenter 1.43
Create Flash Banners - Has Tutorial
Swiff Builder WebSite

Create animated presentations
Loads of functionality
Simple type, click and drag editing
Entirely free, no ads

Powerbullet Presenter Plus 1.44
Swiff Builder WebSite
Tutorial Video
Create Flash Banners

Create animated presentations
Loads of functionality
Simple type, click and drag editing
Entirely free, no ads
Powerbullet Plus 1.44 Registration code:
Name: Information Services and Technology 10

Free Icon Editors:

Sibcode Icon Editor
Sibcode Icon Editor WebSite

This Version Now Free!

Create and edit icons in either standard or custom sizes of 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, with color depths up to 16 million colors.
Make icons with transparency
Make icons for Windows in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel
Make PNG icons for mobile software.
Paint images with pen, brush, airbrush, ellipse, rectangle, line, and curve tools
Roll, shift or rotate images
Import and export .ico, .png, .xpm, .xbm, and .icpr formats
Sort images inside icons
Copy and paste images

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro
Greenfish Software

Extract icons and cursors from executable files
Converting image formats
Manage icon libraries

Create Supported Formats
Animated cursors
Static cursors
Small pixel graphic images

Stardock Icon Editor
Stardock Icon Editor WebSite

Free Icon EditorCreate and Edit any sized icon up to 256x256 - 16x16, 32x32, 48x48
Scale Icons to different formats
Convert PNGs to icons
Create and Edit Windows XP formatted icons
Right click on images from Explorer and convert them to icons
Simply Copy and paste images to convert them into icons

Free FTP Clients:

FireFTP Button
FireFTP WebSite

The BEST FREE FTP Client Best You Can Get has found anywhere!!!

FireFTP is a FREE Add-On for the Firefox Web Browser.
FireFTP adds an excellent FTP Client to the Firefox Web Browser. Runs in a Browser Tab.
FireFTP Button recommended. After installing the Button, customize the Toolbar, and Drag the button onto the toolbar.

FileZilla Client
FIleZilla WebSite

The Best FREE Stand Alone FTP client Best You Can Get has found anywhere!!!

FileZilla Client is a FREE (Open Source) FTP Client, and the best FREE "stand alone" FTP client currently available.

WinSCP Portable Executable
WinSCP WebSite

An Open Source Free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows.
Copies files between local and remote computers.

Support for SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH-1 and SSH-2 as well as FTP protocols.
U3 support.
All common operations with files supported.
Integration with Windows (drag & drop, URL, and shortcut icons)
Batch file scripting, and command line interface.
Directory synchronization in several (semi, or fully automatic) ways.
Integrated text editor.
Support for SSH password, keyboard interactive, public key, and Kerberos (GSS) authentication.
Integrates with Pageant (PuTTY authentication agent) for full support of public key authentication with SSH.
Explorer, and Commander interfaces.
Optionally stores session information.
Optionally supports portable operation, by using a configuration file in place of registry entries - suitable for operation from removable media.
Portable Executable is downloadable in a .zip file, and can be extracted with a file Archive, Compression / Extraction Utility like IZArc.

Free FTP Server

FileZilla Server
FIleZilla WebSite

FileZilla Server is a FREE (Open Source) FTP Server, and the best FREE "stand alone" FTP Server currently available.
FTP uses Port 21.
You may possibly need to provide Firewall access on the computer this is installed on.
In order to access this (or ANY) FTP server from the internet, you will need to configure your router to forward Port 21 to the IP address of the computer your FTP server running on.

Free Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox WebSite

This Excellent Web Browser offers tabbed web browsing and a slew of the latest features available on any web browser.
In our testing, utilizing our own web server, Firefox used the greatest security available (to date) from the web server / site visited.
In our testing Firefox was also the most web server compliant, web browser we tested.
What this means for the user, is that the server could send you content in the fastest manner supported by the web server.
Many Great Plug-in's add capabilities not available with Internet Explorer, or Chrome.
Very secure, very compliant, and extremely versatile, as one would expect from a very mature product like Firefox.
A faster Browsing experience than Internet Explorer.
Plug-in example - FireFTP - An excellent FREE FTP Client (Opens in a New Tab). Be sure to get the FireFTP Button, and add it to your toolbar.
Plug-in example - gTranslate - A right click translation feature for highlighted text, similar to Internet Explorers right click translation accelerator.
Plug-in example - Video Download Helper - Download and optionally convert video from virtually any web page with this plug-in.
Plug-in example - iMacros - Records repetitive internet actions, and allows you to play them back (once or looped).
Plug-in example - Firebug - Allows Web site developers to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in their web  pages.
Plug-in example - User Agent Switcher - Change the way Firefox identifies itself. Access mobile sites, inaccessible to regular browsers.
Plug-in example - Chatzilla - An IRC Client that runs right from Firefox.
Plug-in example - KeeFox - If you use KeePass this integrates with Firefox, and makes log-in's and filling out forms a breeze.

Browse Anonymously with Firefox

Tor Vidalia Bundle
WebPage Offering the latest Vidalia Bundle

The Vidalia Bundle provides everything you need to use Tor / Vidalia Proxy Servers in Firefox to hide your identity, and location!
The Vidalia Bundle installs Vidalia (the control interface for Vidalia's proxy server network), and adds a Tor Button to Firefox.
The Tor button allows you to switch use of Tor's proxy servers on or off, and gives a visual indication of whether Firefox is browsing directly, or through Tor's proxy server network. You can right click the system tray icon, and select "Settings" to open up the interface, and uncheck "Start Vidalia when my system starts" so that Vidalia will only be running when you start it. When it is running, and its services are no longer required, simply right click on the system tray icon and select "exit" to close the application. Vidalia may then be pinned to the start menu, and / or you may right click on its icon in the Vidalia Bundle folder in the All programs menu, and select "Send to" then  "Desktop (create shortcut)" in order to launch Vidalia when you wish to use it.

Automate Tor / Vidalia's proxy's to be on or off based on a predefined web site list!

Additionally, you may wish to pre-program Vidalia to automatically be used on certain web sites, so you do not have to turn it on and off manually as you are browsing. This can be accomplished with the addition of a Plug-in called Foxy Proxy Standard.
To set Tor's Vidalia into auto operation add Foxy Proxy to Firefox, and then configure it to use Tor (Vidalia) as a proxy.

In Foxy Proxy:
On the Proxy Details Tab, Select the Manual Proxy Configuration radio button.
Type into the Host IP Address box, and 9051 into the Port Box, Check the Socks box, and leave the default Socks v5 selected.

On the General Tab, Type something like Tor or Vidalia into the Name box. You may add a not if you wish, or configure other options to your liking depending on the level of privacy you require on the sites you will be using it for.

Next on the URL Patterns Tab, Click the "Add New Pattern" button, and add the web site or Sites URL's to the URL patterns for each of the web sites you wish tor to automatically be used for while you are browsing. The Name is what it will be called in the list, and the URL pattern is what it will be matching to determine whether to use the proxy or not. The asterisk is a wild card character, and will match any character or number of characters. This is VERY handy, so you do not need to list every web page or sub domain on a site individually!
For example, for Facebook you would add *.facebook.com* and ANYTHING on Facebook would be accessed through Tor's Vidalia proxy's. Also, be sure to check the box Do not use this proxy for internal IP addresses.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome WebSite

An Excellent and FAST Web Browser, with the ability to add extensions (add-ons) from the Chrome Web Store.

In our testing, utilizing our own web server, Chrome used the greatest security available (to date) from the web server / site visited.
In our testing Chrome was fairly (but not totally) web server compliant, when tested.
What this means for the user, is that the server could send you content in the fastest manner supported by the web server, most of the time, but not always.
There are free as well as paid extensions available.
Google is Compliant and Secure.
Add-on example -  Bubble Translate - A translation feature for highlighted text.
Add-on example - YouTube Downloader - Adds a Dropdown to select the available resolutions of the current video to download, under the video.
Add-on example -  iMacros - Records repetitive internet actions, and allows you to play them back (once or looped).
Add-on example - Link Checker - An add-on for web developers which checks a web pages validity.
Add-on example - Chrome IPass - If you use KeePass this integrates with Chrome, and makes log-in's and filling out forms a breeze.
NOTE: If you get Chrome IPass you will need KeePassHttp copied into the KeePass plugins Directory on your computer.

Comodo Dragon
Comodo Dragon WebSite

Comodo is a stripped down version of Chrome, derived from the Chrome code. It has all the bloat removed to speed up browsing.
It is not as compliant and friendly to the web servers it visits, but it is the fastest web browsing experience for the end user.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 WebSite

This is only here as a reference, in case someone actually wants it. In our testing, having it interact with our own server, Internet Explorer was the least secure, and least server compliant (slowing you down) of ALL the web browsers tested! We ONLY use it to download a better web browser!
This Web Browser offers tabbed web browsing and a slew of the latest features available on a web browser.
The most popular web browser, Internet Explorer, offers Convenience of being already installed. See their web site for more information.
This browser communicates with web servers in a way that causes the server to downgrade your connection from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0, as well as not playing well with the Server "keepalive" function means it is constantly having to renegotiate its connection for each piece of data transferred.
This slows down the browsing experience for the user. It also did not connect with the highest security available under an HTTPS connection, as the other browsers tested here did. The Security of its HTTPS was adequate, but NOT the best...
Best You Can Get recommends you use Internet Explorer to download a better Web Browser!!!

Tor Browser Bundle for Windows
Tor WebSite

Free Anonymous Web Browser that also hides your location by bouncing you all around the world

Download this Free preconfigured Web browser to surf anonymously, using the Tor network.
Hides your IP Address-Encrypts Your Web Browsing-Leaves No History or Cookies
It is built around Firefox and requires no installation, which means you can also run it from your USB key.
Just run Tor / Vidalia (the browser and it's proxy interface) and start surfing.
Since it hops from node to node all over the world, it can be slow, so if you don’t need to browse anonymously, click the onion icon to toggle it off.

ieSpell WebSite

A FREE, Completely standalone Spell Checker for your Web Browser. This is Not a Web Browser, It is an Add On!!!
ieSpell spell checks text boxes on web pages. Use it before submission!
Handy if you do a lot of browser text entry like web mail, forums, or blogs.
The program adds as a new button to the IE toolbar, as well as a menu item in the Tools menu.
After filling in a form in your browser, click the ieSpell button, and the ieSpell interface pops up for spell checking.
There are 3 ways to start the spell check:
The right click menu, the toolbar, or the menu bar.

Free e-mail Client

Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird WebSite

Compose, and Send E-Mail Messages
Attach files to your messages, and Personalize Your E-Mail Messages
Check, Respond to, and Print E-Mail Messages
Place your distinctive personal signature, unique text style, and e-stationery on your email messages
Import items, such as address book data, messages, and account settings from other programs, including other mail clients
Use Multiple E-mail Addresses, Multiple Accounts, and Multiple Identities
Built in News Group Client. Access News Groups.
Access Blogs accounts.
Chat and connect on many popular sites, like Facebook, Google, and Twitter to name a few, if and when you like.
Add the Lightning (Calendar) Plug-in, and this has ALL the features of Windows Live Mail, and more, but does not require you to share your calendar and contacts with a Windows Live account, as Windows Live Mail does.
Thunderbird and Lightning keep everything private and located only on your computer!
If you are moving from Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express to Thunderbird, you will want to use THIS PLUG-IN for Thunderbird, to Import the Exported Mail from your inferior Microsoft Product. The FREE third party plug-in isn't perfect, but you can get the job done with it. I made a Temporary Folder Under "Local Folders", and Imported mail folders one at a time into the Temporary folder using this plug-in. From there I cleaned out the old files I didn't want before moving the remainder of them into their proper account folders. I repeated this process until I had ALL my important old mail located in their new folders in Thunderbird. I also made Tags, and Mail Filters appropriate for handling all my email. Using Tags and Mail Filters one can really automate keeping email organized, easy to find, as well as keep the folders from accumulating huge amounts of spam.
When I finished with the plug-in I disabled it, as I was pretty sure I would no longer need it. You may wish to uninstall it, or even keep it...

Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Essentials WebSite

Compose, and Send E-Mail Messages
Attach files to your messages, and Personalize Your E-Mail Messages
Check, Respond to, and Print E-Mail Messages
Place your distinctive personal signature, unique text style, and e-stationery on your email messages
Import items, such as address book data, messages, and account settings from other programs, including other mail clients
Use Multiple E-mail Addresses, Multiple Accounts, and Multiple Identities
Calendar and Tasks
Get News from Newsgroups

Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition
Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition WebSite

Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client bundled with a launcher making it a portable app.
Includes encryption and spell checking, quick message search, customizable views, support for IMAP, POP, and RSS.
Portable version leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on, so you can take your email and address book with you wherever you go. Take your email, address book and account settings with you!
Now part of Sourceforge Sourceforge PortableApps.com Project.

Free Wireless Network Software:

Lizard Systems Wi-Fi Scanner
Lizard Systems Wi-Fi Scanner WebSite

Wi-Fi Scanner is the best free network signal analyzer we found, which has all the basics needed, to optimize your wireless access point, for the best Wi-Fi connection.

Not only will it help you position your wireless device, and adjust the antennas, for the best signal, it will also help you select a channel, for not only the best signal (Signal strength - especially at a distance), but also the least interference (quality), and channel competition (see all the wireless access points on each channel, in a graphical representation, or sorted by channel (by clicking on the channel column header), to see all the devices competing on each channel, and if possible (if the other channels don't cause other issues), avoid them).

Sort by any column, such as Mac Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI (signal strength), and more, simply by clicking on the column header, once or twice, depending on whether you want the column sorted in ascending or descending order..

  • Inspect your WLAN and surrounding wireless networks, to troubleshoot interference caused by competing access points.

  • Track the strength of received signal in dBm over time, as well as its quality (which may indicate interference issues, like noise or other networks on the same channel reducing your bandwidth).

  • Filter access points in an easy to use check box option format, so you can see only what is relevant to you.

  • Graph access points in real time, to see channels with high Wi-Fi concentration.

  • For modes that use multiple channels to increase bandwidth, see what channels are actually in use, in addition to the one you selected in your devices settings.

Use this analyzer in conjunction with online speed tests, to verify network data throughput, is really what it should be.
Sometimes noise, channel competition, even the mode your wireless device is set to operate under, effects throughput, even when the signal is strong.
Sometimes you don't get the fastest wireless throughput, with your device set to the fastest setting, depending on how the device utilizes its radios, in order to attempt to achieve that speed, in relationship to the conditions in the environment, you are attempting it in.

We also like to use the fastest and most reliable FREE DNS servers, to improve internet responsiveness.
See our page on benchmark (speed) testing DNS Servers, HERE, and find the best one, for your location.
These DNS Servers are almost always faster than the ones from your ISP, and in addition to making your web browsing experience more responsive, they can help you avoid censorship, logging of your online activities, and / or redirecting you, if a result is not found.

inSSIDer WebSite

inSSIDer is an award-winning (NOW PAID) Wi-Fi network scanner for Windows. It was left here as a reference.
NetStumbler sometimes doesn't work well with Vista and 64-bit XP, this open-source Wi-Fi network scanner is designed for the current generation of Windows operating systems. This is great for Optimizing and troubleshooting.

What's Unique about inSSIDer?

  • Use Windows

  • Uses the Native Wi-Fi API.

  • Group by Mac Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI and "Time Last Seen."

  • Compatible with most GPS devices.

What can inSSIDer do?

  • Inspect your WLAN and surrounding networks to troubleshoot competing access points.

  • Track the strength of received signal in dBm over time.

  • Filter access points in an easy to use format.

  • Highlight access points for areas with high Wi-Fi concentration.

  • Export Wi-Fi and GPS data to a KML file to view in Google Earth


WireShark 64 Bit
WireShark 32 Bit
WireShark Download

WireShark WebSite

World's foremost network protocol analyzer!

Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, with more being added all the time.
Live capture, and offline analysis.
Standard three-pane packet browser.
Captured network data can be browsed via a GUI, or via the TTY-mode TShark utility.
Most powerful display filters in the industry.
VoIP analysis.
Capture files compressed with gzip can be decompressed on the fly.
Live data can be read from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP/HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, and others (depending on your platform).
Decryption support for many protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, Kerberos, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2
Coloring rules can be applied to the packet list for quick, intuitive analysis.
Output can be exported to XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text.
Read and write capture file formats: tcpdump (libpcap), Pcap NG, Catapult DCT2000, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, Network General Sniffer (compressed and uncompressed), Sniffer Pro, and NetXray, Network Instruments Observer, NetScreen snoop, Novell LANalyzer, RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzer, Shomiti/Finisar Surveyor, Tektronix K12xx, Visual Networks Visual UpTime, WildPackets EtherPeek/TokenPeek/AiroPeek, and many others.

Radmin Advanced IP Scanner
Radmin WebSite

A FREE IP Address / Port Scanner that will scan the ports on a single IP Address or an entire range of IP Addresses, and will log what it  finds.
Findings may be accessed, as well as saved to Favorites for later. Watch Videos on the Radmin WebSite for details.

BackTrack WebSite
BackTrack Video Tutorials

Free Wireless Network Hacking Software

BackTrack is a Linux-Based (Not Windows Based) penetration testing arsenal dedicated to Hacking Wireless Networks.
You can Boot BackTrack from a DVD, a USB Drive, or make BackTrack your primary operating system (But I doubt anyone here will!).
Use BackTrack for hacking wireless networks, exploiting servers, performing web application assessments, learning, or social-engineering a client.

NetSetMan WebSite

A Free Multi-Network Settings Manager

When you frequently move between different networks and need different IP address settings, or need to connect to different resources on each, making those changes in Windows can be a colossal pain.
NetSetMan is a network settings manager that saves profile information for up to six different networks.
   In addition to letting you conveniently load a preferred IP address configuration, NetSetMan can use specific default printers, mapped drives, or login scripts depending on the network your connecting to.

Free Network Software

Bestyoucanget.com Network Tools

This Self Extracting Zip File contains 3 Visual Basic programs, 1 Batch File, and a Read_Me.txt file.
Simply Click on the Network_Tools.exe file after Downloading it, to extract the files.

Visual Basic Files utilize the wscript.exe file in the Windows System32 Directory and have a .vbs file extension.
The .vbs files will run on Most systems, but have run into issues on Windows XP machines, giving limited, or no functionality.
They are safe to use, even on Windows XP, and if they fail to function.
The worst they do is not function.
They have shown to provide excellent results on Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
The Batch File runs on any Windows machine from XP on...
These files are very small, but very nice to have, when you need them.
Once these files are extracted, just click on them to run them, they should run as any other normal program.

What's Included:

Close_ALL_open_UPnP_Ports (on your Router)
This File will (on most systems) detect any open UPnP PORTS on your networks Router, and Close them.
It will also display a list of the Ports it Closed.

Display_Network_Info Utility
This File will (on most systems) detect Your Computers IP Address, as well as its Domain / Workgroup name, and your computers Network Hostname.
It will also Detect and display your Routers IP Address on the Internet, and any open UPnP PORTS on your network, what their number is,
their protocol, and to what IP Address and Port on your network (which computer) the port is opened up to.

The information this handy file provides can be useful in checking security (any open PORTS? and to which computer?),
and resolving any security issues found, with the help of the "Open_A_UPnP_PORT_Utility" and "Close_ALL_open_UPnP Ports on Router" files,
it can be helpful in Setting up a temporary Remote Desk-topping session over the internet,
setting up a Servers access to the internet, or setting up online gaming systems (ie. Xbox, Playstation) to access the internet.

A Network Connectivity Troubleshooter
This Batch File runs a series on tests on your network connectivity, and displays any issues it has connecting your computer to the network, the internet, or resolving DNS.
It is handy for basic troubleshooting of your network, and can quickly spot problems.
It will quickly test the elements of your network, and determine the cause of many common issues.
The Batch File will Display any problem found, so that you will know what needs to be resolved, in order to restore connectivity.
It will Stop when it Displays Information for each problem, so, you may need to run it more than once.
When All is good, it will Display "You have an active Internet connection!".
If it needs to test your computers connection to your Router, it will ask for your Routers IP Address.
Type in the Correct IP Address for your Router, and Press Enter.
It will display the IP Address you entered as verification, that you typed it correctly.

Open_A_UPnP_Port Utility
This Visual Basic File utilizes UPnP and allows you to intentionally OPEN any port you like (provided it is NOT already in use) with either TCP or UDP Protocols,
and FORWARD that PORT to ANY IP Address and PORT Number on your Local Network.
It will prompt you for each setting one at a time, and remember the setting you made for the routers port number,
making it a pre-filled in "matching" option for the computers PORT number (This is the most typical setting you will make).
This lets you just click OK or press enter on your keyboard, to Forward the PORT on the Router to the same PORT Number on the computer or device.
It will detect your computers IP Address, and pre-fill in that information too, giving you the option to conveniently click or press enter past it, provided you are forwarding the Router PORT to the computer you are running the "Open_A_UPnP_Port" Utility file on.
Just because settings are pre-filled in, does not mean they can not be changed, they can be changed to anything you like (provided it is valid).
They are already highlighted, so just start typing the desired setting information, to replace what was pre-filled in there, as a convenience.
There is some error trapping employed, but this file is in its infancy.
I have resolved most, but not all operator (you) entered incorrect data issues.
It functions perfectly, if all entered data is correct, but it is possible for YOU to enter some wrong (misformatted) data, in one place.
Error trapping is NOT present on the IP Address input, and any incorrect or misformatted data will be accepted.
The IP Address is the one place you can enter invalid, and even misformatted information.
If the IP Address is detected and displayed for your computer (not, and pre-filled in, it WILL be correct.
If you change the pre-filled IP Address, make sure you enter a correctly formatted address.
Correctly formatted addresses contain 4 sets of 3 digit numbers, between 0 and 255, separated by a period/decimal point.

There are NO Warranties or Guarantees of Any Kind on these files.
If these files do not perform to your expectations, your sole resolution is to stop using them.

If you experience Errors:
These vbs files may require Visual Basic Runtime Libraries, available HERE.

If you are getting the Error Code 80041010
This is due to an Invalid Class error while creating or using WMI sensors
You have an Unexpected, wrong or missing registry key value:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WBEM\Scripting\Default Namespace (REG_SZ) root\cimv2
To fix this:
Open the Registry Editor, and navigate to:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WBEM\Scripting\Default Namespace
Double Click: Default Namespace
Copy and paste the following into the box:
Click "OK".
Close the registry editor, and try the script.
Right click on and "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." (depending on your browser)
and download and run the 80041010_Error_Fix.reg file, which automatically sets this registry key for you.

Free Remote PC Access Software:

Teamviewer WebSite

Remote control any Windows or Mac computer over the internet within seconds.
Remote control includes VoIP, Chat, and File Transfer
Remote access computers over the internet
Have online meetings with up to 25 people
No need for Router set up, just install on all machines, and connect via user ID and Password
Remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.
TeamViewer also works in the other direction: Show your own desktop to a partner over the Internet and demonstrate your own software, solutions and presentations.


Free VPN Remote Desktop and P2P File Sharing Software from Google

Gbridge automatically forms a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between PCs any where, and automatically traverses firewall and NAT routers.
You can extend the Virtual Private Network to include your Gtalk friend's computers if both sides agree.
The infrastructure is self forming, and requires zero configuration (No configuration needed).
IPv4 level compatibility while providing authentication, encryption, and mobility.
Peer to Peer (P2P) direct network connection for excellent privacy, and great performance.
Dynamic DNS and private IP, overcomes the real-world naming and connectivity issues for almost all network applications.

Running Gbridge on a single computer allows use of:
EasyBackup to automatically backup folders.
Gtalk or Gmail Chat with your friends.

Running Gbridge on two or more computers allows use of:
Secure, Instant Access of Files from one PC to another PC, anywhere in the world
SecureShare allows Instant Viewing of Photos, Sharing of Photos, Files, and Streaming of MP3s.
Auto generate thumbnails and slideshows - no uploading required!
Use AutoSync to transfer large files or entire folders and  synchronized them on multiple computers.

EasyBackup, automatically backs up folders to another computer.

DesktopShare provides Secure Remote Control of a Remote Computer using built in VNC based DesktopShare or Microsoft Remote Desktop.
Invite others to see or control your desktop.
Have others invite you to see or control their Desktop.
Ideal for remote computer assistance, and presentations.

TightVNC WebSite
TightVNC Documentation

FREE Remote Desktop Software

See the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer.

TightVNC is:
Free for both personal and commercial usage.
Useful for administration, tech support, education, and more.
Cross-platform, available for Windows, MAC, and Unix (Ubuntu), with Java client included.
Compatible with standard VNC software, conforming to RFB protocol specifications.

TightVNC allows you to:
Help others solve problems with their computers remotely.
Make sure nothing wrong is happening on your computers when you are away.

Simple Remote Desktop Over the Internet for FREE, just configure Port Forwarding of Port 5900 on your Router, or couple TightVNC with Remobo (Below - slower, not as stable), or Download the self-extracting VNCconfig.exe file, and Click on these handy self extracted Best You Can Get Visual Basic Scripts to utilize the UPnP Feature of your Router to make a functional temporary, or permanent VNC Remote Desktop setup, and then to remove the Remote Desktop Configuration from the Router if desired, when you are done (Includes everything you need as well as extremely simple documentation in the description.txt file).
Best You Can Get Visual Basic Scripts for Router Set up are for Windows Vista and Windows 7 only. TightVNC works with more!

BestYouCanGet TightVNC Router Setup Scripts

This Download is a Self Extracting Zip File.
It will extract a VNCconfig folder containing 4 files SetUpVNC.vbs - RemoveVNC.vbs - DisplayInfo.vbs - Description.txt
Click on these files to automatically configure your Router to work with TightVNC.

SetUpVNC.vbs will determine your computers Network IP Address, and then configure your Router to Forward Port 5900
to your computers IP Address using UPnP.
Forwarding TCP Port 5900 to your computers IP Address is necessary for remote desktop using TightVNC.
SepUpVNC.vbs will then display a message indicating the status of the Port Forwarding operation.
After Clicking "OK" to close this Message Box, SetUpVNC.vbs will then determine your Current WAN (Internet) IP
Address needed for the Remote Desktop Session, and Display it.
This Internet IP Address is required by the person on the other end of the Remote Desktop Session, who will take
control over your computer.
This is the Address they will establish a Remote Desktop connection to.

RemoveVNC.vbs will remove the UPnP Port Forwarding of TCP Port 5900 to your computer, and display the UPnP Port
Forwarding Status of your Router.
If any Un-related UPnP Ports are open in your Router, that where not part of the VNC session set up, they will be
displayed in the resulting message box.

DisplayInfo.vbs will Display your Computers HostName, Domain / Workgroup Name, IP Address, and Internet IP Address
This is handy if you need to see if your IP Addresses have changed due to a Reboot, or New ISP Log on.

Description.txt is a text file describing the files and their function.

Errors will be displayed if:
The SetUpVNC Script is run, and Port 5900 has already been programmed.
The RemoveVNC Script is run, and the Port 5900 programming has already been removed.
This is Normal.

If you experience Errors:
These vbs files may require Visual Basic Runtime Libraries, available HERE.

If you are getting the Error Code 80041010
This is due to an Invalid Class error while creating or using WMI sensors
You have an Unexpected, wrong or missing registry key value:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WBEM\Scripting\Default Namespace (REG_SZ) root\cimv2
To fix this:
Open the Registry Editor, and navigate to:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WBEM\Scripting\Default Namespace
Double Click: Default Namespace
Copy and paste the following into the box:
Click "OK".
Close the registry editor, and try the script.
Right click on and "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." (depending on your browser)
and download and run the 80041010_Error_Fix.reg file, which automatically sets this registry key for you.

Free Remote PC Support software

UltraVNC WebSite
A Quick Easy Set Up Guide
Free LogMeIn VPN Account

Work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it.

Access your PC from anywhere and remotely help people and customers.

Both Host and Remote components can be installed together on the same computer, or separately on different computers.
Remote Control your computer from anywhere
Transfer files between local and remote PCs
Remote access over LAN and Internet (For Internet try Remobo above)
Use optional security plug ins
To speed up the remote access you can also install the optional video driver

Server Software

Business Server

Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu Server WebSite
Ubuntu Documantation

FREE Server Operating System for both personal and Business Use.

Easy integration:
Ubuntu Server mixes effortlessly with Ubuntu (Linux), Windows, or Mac OS environments.
All clients can share authentication, swap files, and access services. Open LDAP, Likewise-Open, and PAM authentication come standard.
Virtualize everything:
Virtualize your servers with Ubuntu Server and KVM. Use a secure, lean version of Ubuntu as a guest operating system for your application and create virtual machine images in minutes. KVM, Xen, VMWare and LXC are all supported.
EC2 or UEC:
Build flexible computing environments in your own infrastructure with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), or deploy to Amazon EC2 using Ubuntu Server Edition images.
Built in security:
Tighten security by defining access to specific users and programs. Uncomplicated firewall technology makes access secure yet simple, while a home and private directory encryption service adds another layer of security.
Minimize administration:
Simplify operations like start up, shut down, and package management with single commands.
Deploy services in seconds, or set up industry standard mail, virtualization, Java applications or database servers in minutes.
See the Ubuntu Server WebSite for more information and details!

Web Server
Apache Server for Windows VC14
Apache Server for Windows VC11

BestYouCanGet Guide to Installing Apache Server in Windows with PHP
BestYouCanGet Guide to Installing Apache Server on Ubuntu
Apache Server Documentation
Apache Server WebSite
Apache Lounge - The Download Source for Windows Binaries

NOTE: The Direct Downloads above do not run on Windows XP, or Server 2003.
For those operating systems download the VC10 version from Apache Lounge.

Install on Ubuntu Server (Above) to create an efficient dedicated web server.
See BestYouCanGet Guide to Installing Apache on Ubuntu.

FTP Server

FileZilla FTP Server
FileZilla FTP Server WebSite

An Excellent FREE FTP Server for Windows based computers. A great companion to a personal Windows based Apache Server Install.
Add the Ability to FTP into your Computer from your Local Network or the Internet, and Transfer Files.
Has the ability to control user access on an individual level as well as select which folders each individual has access to.
No limits to the number of user accounts.

Internet Access will require forwarding Port 21 to the Local Area Network IP Address of the computer you wish to use as a Server.
You will also need to create an Exception in your Firewall for the Servers executable file, NOT the Server Interface executable file.
To Create this Exception in your Firewall, you will need to Browse for the "FileZilla Server.exe" File.
Do NOT select the "Filezilla Server Interface.exe" from the "Add Program" list!
Be Careful, Both of these files are located in the same Folder of the FileZilla installation.
Look in:   C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server   for the correct file.

Audio Server

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server
BroadWave Streaming Audio Server WebSite

Stream live audio and audio recordings in most audio formats over the web using your computer FREE.

Listeners do not need to install any special software to listen to a webcast.
Streams will play directly from the default web browser on any computer.
Automatically compresses and streams audio recordings over the internet.
Plays automatically in almost all browsers.
Install and stream audio in just minutes.
Provide pre-recorded or live audio streaming of  speeches and announcements.
Create an internet radio server to broadcast your own live or prerecorded shows and music online.
Broadcast live events such as music concerts to build a world wide audience.
Reach a remote audience with a live audio stream.

Run Multiple Operating System Environments

Oracle VirtualBox
Oracle VirtualBox WebSite

VirtualBox is a powerful 32 and 64 Bit virtualization product for enterprise, as well as home use.
VirtualBox is the most feature rich, and highest performance FREE Virtualization product.

Presently, VirtualBox software runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts.

VirtualBox supports a large number of guest operating systems including, but not limited to:
Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, DOS/Windows 3.x,
Linux (2.4, 2.6 and 3.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, and OpenBSD.

Be sure to Download the latest Extension Pack for All supported platforms, and User Manual, as well as the installation.

Windows Virtual PC
Windows Virtual PC WebSite

Install and Run older Windows XP applications in Windows 7 FREE

  • Easy setup of Window XP Mode

  • One click launch of Windows XP Mode applications

  • USB support

  • Clipboard sharing

  • Drive sharing

  • Print directly to your attached printer

  • Windows Virtual PC will run in a separate window on your Vista or XP desktop.

  • Istall virtually anything - DOS, OS/2, or any earlier version of Windows-as a virtual machine.

Ubuntu Web Site
Ubuntu Install and Set Up Guide
Ubuntu Documantation

Ubuntu can be installed as your Primary Operating System, or can be set up as a Dual Boot Option on your computer, allowing you to select Windows or Ubuntu when you boot your system. Ubuntu has Desktop, and Server Versions available, depending on your need.
Ubuntu is Linux with a really great installer, and it includes the latest greatest Open Source Applications Available in the installation, ready to go!
Excellent Graphic Installer, which lets you re-partition, or select an alternate install drive, or partition, as well as create a boot menu for dual booting.
Excellent (Windows Like) Powerful Graphical User Interface.
The latest greatest Open Source Applications Pre-Installed:
Open Office - Word Processer, Spread Sheet, Presentation. OpenOffice is compatible with all office applications including Microsoft Office.
Easily opens, edits, saves and shares files created in Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, KOffice or StarOffice.
E-Mail Client (Evolution) provides Email Client, Address Book, and Calendar (Works with others using MS Outlook)
Chat using the Empathy Chat Client - Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Jabber, AOL, QQ and more.
Web Browser - The latest Mozilla FireFox, which can be changed, if desired.
Drawing and Graphics Applications ((Gimp a highly recommended add on) and Shotwell) Upload photos from your camera or phone in to Shotwell.
Edit photos in Gimp.
Rhythmbox - download, store, buy and play music, Share playlists, Access Last.fm, Stream and play video from YouTube and others. Works with your PSP, iPod, MP3 player.
Games - Over 400 completely free, very cool games.
Integrated "Ubuntu One"  gives you 2 GB of online storage for free. Easily share files between your and your friends' computers.
Instant access to thousands of free and open-source applications. Visit the Ubuntu Software Center to easily browse, select and install.

Click Here to Take a Look at Ubuntu, and see if its right for you.
Once Ubuntu is installed, it is ready to use immediately.
On the desktop you have a full set of productivity, internet, drawing and graphics, applications, and games.
Ubuntu issues a new desktop, and server release every six months.
The releases always have the latest and greatest applications that the open source world has to offer.
New versions of Ubuntu are, and always will be free of charge. Ubuntu notifies you of available updates. This is Really Awesome for Free!!!
Check out Nautilus File Management/Burning Software and  Brasero CD/DVD Burning Software for your Ubuntu installation.

Portable Ubuntu Remix
Portable Ubuntu Remix WebSite

With Portable Ubuntu Remix you can run Linux apps seamlessly on your Windows machine.
Run (Ubuntu) Linux, without the need to install another Operating System.
It is free, but the author accepts and encourages donations towards further development.
Our Ubuntu Install and Set Up Guide may provide some useful information even though it's not exactly this derivative.

Pendrivelinux Web Site

This is a portable Linux operating system that you can run from any computer that can boot from a flash device.
It allows you to bring your operating system, desktop, applications, files, email, personal settings, favorites, games and more with you. It’s a Linux operating system you can carry in your pocket. There are multiple Versions to choose from.

Free Automatic Login Sowtware

KeePass WebSite

Free Open Source - Multiple Versions


KeePass is a free password manager that helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. (None of the limits of the Free RoboForms)
You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database.
The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).
This Program runs on many portable platforms as well as your computer, such as Flash Drives(with out an install), Smart Phones, and Pocket PC's (See the Download Page).
You can take / keep your password list with you and even use it on your portable devices.
Once set up, right click the desired entry in your KeePass database and KeePass will with a click, take you to the URL you wish to log in to, and with another click off its right click menu on the desired entry in the KeePass database, it will enter your user ID and Password information and log you in.
Keep and use all your log-ins securely on your computer, smart phone, smart drive, and pocket PC.
Just copy the database file to each device where you have the program, then log in to the KeePass database with a single password log-in, and your database is there ready to take you to websites and log you in to them, or provide you with other non web related log-ins.
See the Features Page for more on the many Features of this great Full Featured Free Software with out save limits. Add Plugins for more features. Having trouble deciding which version to download, then see the Edition Comparison Page for details.

Strong Security
Multiple User Keys
Portable and No Installation Required
Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files
Import From Many File Formats
Easy Database Transfer
Support of Password Groups
Time Fields and Entry Attachments
Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag&Drop (Enters Log Ins for you - Logs you in)
Intuitive and Secure Clipboard Handling
Searching and Sorting
Multi-Language Support
Strong Random Password Generator
Plugin Architecture
Plug - KeeFox - This integrates with Firefox, and makes log-in's and filling out forms a breeze.
Chrome Add - Chrome IPass - This integrates with Chrome, and makes log-in's and filling out forms a breeze.

RoboForm & RoboForm2Go
RoboForm WebSite

Free Versions!

RoboForm will navigate to a Web site, enter your username and password and click the submit button for you.
RoboForm2Go runs directly from USB flash drive, and you don't need to install it on the client.
Does Credit Card Information as well as log ins.
Free versions limits you to 10 accounts for 2 identities & 3 sets of credit card information.
Information is stored with encryption.

Manage your passwords and Log In automatically.
Fill long registration and checkout forms with a click.
Encrypt your passwords to secure achieve.
Generate random passwords to maximize password strength.
Fight Phishing by entering passwords only on matching web sites.
Defeat Key loggers.
Back up your passwords and copy passwords between computers.
Synchronize passwords between computers.

Free Office Software

LibreOffice WebSite

Free Complete Office Software Suite similar to Microsoft Office.

The LibreOffice Suite is Free and does word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases.
LibreOffice Suite can read and write files from other common office software packages.
If you have used any other office software, LibreOffice will make full use of what you already know through familiar screens and menus.
Easier (and cheaper) to move to LibreOffice  from Microsoft Office than it is to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Office 2007/2010.
LibreOffice is the continuation of the OpenOffice project, by the same people who developed OpenOffice for over a decade, but due to legal issues with Oracle, after Oracle took over Sun, limiting the development of the OpenOffice Suite, the developers decided to continue the project on their own in the open source community. LibreOffice will have improvements that the developers where limited from adding to OpenOffice while they where collaborating with Sun / Oracle. LibreOffice is now offering Full Final Release Versions. Look for great things here!
Can open MS Office formats, and the default file types can be set to MS Office file types, giving Libre Office files FULL MS Office compatibility.

Extras for LibreOffice

Extensions Templates

OpenOffice (Windows Version English)
OpenOffice - Download Other Versions & Languages
OpenOffice WebSite
OpenOffice Extensions

Free Complete Office Software Suite similar to Microsoft Office.

The OpenOffice Suite is Free and does word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases.
OpenOffice Suite can read and write files from other common office software packages.
If you have used any other office software, OpenOffice will make full use of what you already know through familiar screens and menus.
Easier (and cheaper) to move to OpenOffice  from Microsoft Office than it is to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Office 2007.
This Project is Being Replaced by LibreOffice. OpenOffice has been taken over from Oracle, by the Apache Foundation.

Stand Alone Office Components

AbiWord Web Site

AbiWord Add Ons

Get Import/Export Plugins
Get Tools Plug-ins
Get fonts for equation editing
Get Dictionaries

Free Word Processor program similar to Microsoft Word.

A state of the art Word Processor, with lots of features.
Useful for work, and personal needs.
AbiWord will take advantage of the functionality provided by the system, such as image loading or printing capabilities.
AbiWord is able to read and write all industry standard document types, such as Microsoft Word documents, OpenOffice.org documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML web pages and more.
Use tables, bullets, lists, images, footnotes, endnotes and styles to enhance the way your document looks.
Available in most common and many not-so-common languages.
Built-in spelling checker. Dictionaries exist for over 30 languages.
Supports right-to-left, left-to-right, and mixed-mode text.
Mail Merge capabilities lets AbiWord automate jobs for you.
(Special fields inserted into a template document can automatically be replaced with data coming from a variety of sources, such as Relational Databases, Comma Separated Text files or Tabbed Text files.)
AbiWord is very small, and requires very little resources to run.
A variety of plug-ins can be used to extend AbiWord's functionality, ranging from Document Importers to a Thesaurus, Image Importers and a Text Summarizer.
AbiWord is GNU Free Software
You will always have the freedom to use it, make copies of it, and improve it, and share it.

BullZip PDF Printer Community Edition
BullZip PDF Printer WebSite

The Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer. It allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.
This program is FREEWARE - for personal and commercial use up to 10 users, and does not contain any advertising or pop-ups.
To extract the installation from the zip file you will need a file extraction utility, like the FREE version of IZArc.

Print to PDF from almost any Windows program.
Runs on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/XP x64/2003/2003 x64/Vista/Vista x64/2008/Windows 7.
Supports 64-bit operating systems.
Password protect PDF documents.
128/40 bit encryption.
Quality settings (screen, printer, ebook, prepress).
Set document properties.
Watermark text, size, rotation, and transparency.
Superimpose/background documents.
Appending/prepending documents.
User interface control.
Command line interface to all settings.
COM/ActiveX interface for programmatic control.
Support for Citrix MetaFrame
Support for Windows Terminal Server
Multiple file types supported: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF.

TurboCASH Accounting
TurboCASH Update Page
TurboCASH Files Page
TurboCASH Accounting WebSite
The world's leading Open Source Accounting package for small business!

TurboCASH is a powerful, secure, ultra low cost and low maintenance IT solution suitable for most small to medium size businesses.
TurboCASH is a very simple application that takes transactions, posts them into accounts and gives you reports on the results.
What makes it powerful is the flexibility of the program.
In TurboCASH, the account code system is setup to manage:
the 3 digit main/sub account codes common in the British Ex Pat countries
the 4 digit systems of the European countries
the 5 digit systems of the North American countries.
You are able to choose the chart of accounts that best suits your business.
Choose from 3 separate invoicing systems:
B to B
POS or Use
external invoicing system
You can import transactions into TurboCASH.
Plugins have been developed to bring data from MS Office, Open Office, OSCommerce, Virtuemart and Vtiger.
The Firebird SQL database has significantly extended the range of TurboCASH Applications.
The full SQL server now offers unprecedented power to handle large numbers of users.
There are many users on 10 user systems and there is no constraint.
There should be little problem handling 50 users on a TurboCASH systems if the hardware is in place.
Going down in scale, the Firebird embedded server now enables TurboCASH to run as a Portable App on a flash drive.
This means that you can copy program and data onto a CD or flashdrive.
Plugin it into another computer, and without installation or leaving a foot print, run TurboCASH anywhere.
Linux NX, Windows Terminal Services and XP Unlimited now offer the opportunity to run TurboCASH as a remote Online service.
Users can enter transactions and get reports over the Internet.
You can use the same TrubOCASH from a single release point.
The Plugin architecture allows TurboCASH to be easily extended.

Free Partition Management Software

MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard Web Site

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free partition manager software.
Supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating Systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Home users can perform complicated partition operations on their hard disk.
Home users can Resize partitions, Copying partitions, Create a partition, Delete partition, Format a partition, Convert a partition, Explore a partition, Hide a partition, Change drive letters, Set active partition, Partition Recovery.

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit) operating system.
Support RAID.
Extend system partition to maximize computer performance.
Manage the hard disk for substantial performance increase.
Create, Delete and Format partitions with simple steps.
Disk Copy to protect or transfer data.
Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB.
Convert partition format from FAT to NTFS.
Partition Copy: Copy the entire content of one hard disk to another.
Copy Disk Wizard: Copy the entire hard disk to another without having to reinstall Windows.
Disk Map - Visually demonstrate your disk/partition configuration; preview the changes before applying.
Hide/unhide partition, set active partition, etc. - Change partition properties easily.
Explore FAT/NTFS partition.
Set partition as primary.
Set partition as logical.
Rebuild MBR.
Disk Surface Test.
Partition Surface Test.
Change Partition Serial Number.
Change Partition Type ID.
Hot Extend Partition without reboot.

Free Secure File Deletion Software

The higher the number of Passes, the lower the probability of even finest magnetic tracks being detected.
The Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M) recommends seven passes for top security.
Many people have some computer data that they would rather not share with others - passwords, personal information, sensitive documents from work, financial records, the list goes on. Many people erroneously think that when you 'delete' a file, the data is gone.
When you delete a file, the operating system does not really remove the file from the disk; it only removes the reference to the file from the file system table. The file remains on the disk until another file is created to overwrite it, and even after that, it may be possible to recover data by studying the magnetic fields on the disk platter surface. Also, before the file is overwritten, anyone can easily retrieve it with a disk maintenance, or undelete utility.

Eraser WebSite

Eraser is an advanced security tool for Windows which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns
Eraser is Free software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.
These problems in secure file removal caused by the use of write cache, construction of the hard disk and the use of data encoding have been taken into consideration when Eraser was designed, and because of this intuitive design and simple user interface, you can safely and easily erase private data from your hard drive.
The patterns used for overwriting are based on Peter Gutmann's paper Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory and are selected to effectively remove magnetic remnants from the hard drive.
Other methods include that which is defined in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual of the U.S. Department of Defence, and overwriting with pseudorandom data.
You can also define your own overwriting methods
Choose from 4 secure government sanctioned deletion algorithms, as well as 10 other excellent algorithms. Up to 35 Passes.
Allows adding files or folders to be deleted via drag-and-drop
Secure Delete files via a right click Menu.
It works with any drive that works in Windows.
Secure drive erasure methods are supported.
Erases files, folders and their previous deleted counterparts.
Works with an extremely customizable Scheduler, handy for routinely wiping free disk space. 13 Options available.
Replace files with a list of files you can select, for plausible deniability, and enabled this feature with a check box.
This program is larger about 8.885M. The interface looks nice, considering it packs allot more options in to it than File Shredder.
It has many more algorithm options, a scheduler to keep your free space secure, plausible deniability option, and a minimizes to the system tray.
If you need the maximum file deletion security all the time, Eraser is the best of the 2 Free options offered here. (Recommended)
If you don't need the maximum file deletion security all the time, and / or you have limited disk space, or compatibility issues File Shredder is for you.

File Shredder
File Shredder WebSite

File Shredder is a free desktop application which securely deletes files and folders from your Drive.
Files deleted with File Shredder can not be retrieved.
File Shredder supports multiple shredding algorithms up to 7 passes.
US government compliant DoD 5220-22.M, Guttman method. 4 Algorithms options available.
Shell integration on Right Click Menu in Windows to Delete / Shred right from the right click menu.
Shred Free Disk Space feature to shred unused free disk space included in the interface.
This Program is smaller about 1.193M in size, and the interface looks nice.
It's only extra or unique feature is the ability to create a file deletion list prior to deletion, and then click a button to delete them all.
It has less algorithm options, no scheduler to keep your free space secure, no plausible deniability option, no minimize to tray.
If you don't need the maximum file deletion security all the time, and / or you have limited disk space File Shredder is for you.

Free Electronics Design Software


PCB123 WebSite

PCB123 lets you design and order prototype printed circuit boards.
New board wizard.
Ability to import net lists from multiple CAD vendors.
145,000+ parts library.
Fast, accurate DRC/DFM.
Two, four, and six layer support with solder mask and silkscreen.

Free Command Prompt / Command Line Software

Windows Command Reference
Windows Command Reference WebSite

Microsoft has added many new command line tools over the years, and added new switches to existing ones.
This Windows Help file describes the use of these new command line tools and switches.
Learn these new commands and switches, or refresh your memory on old ones, by scrolling through the list of commands, and clicking on them.
Learn about the command shell.
Learn to automate command line tasks by using batch files or scripting tools.
For Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. Extract to a known location, and Run the file to use.

Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.7
Ultimate Boot CD WebSite
Free Custom Bootable CD Hard Drive Utility (ISO File)
(After Downloading, you must burn this to a Blank CD with Burner Software)

Fastest way to clean your drive of garbage, and solve problems.
A Graphical Partitioning/Formatting Utility, With Mouse Support.
This is a boot disk that includes universal IDE CD ROM drivers.
When you boot up from this CD, a text based menu is displayed, enabling you to select the tool you wish to run.
The selected tool will then load on a virtual disk created in memory.
Tools currently included on the Ultimate Boot CD are:

Name of Tool

CPU Tests:
CPU Burn-in
Mersenne Prime Test
StressCPU 24-Oct-05
Memory Tests:
Windows Memory Diagnostic n/a
DocMem RAM Diagnostic
TestMem4 4
Peripherals Tools:
Parallel port detection and test utilities
ATAPI CDROM Identification
CHZ Monitor-Test
CPU Information:
Intel Processor Frequency ID
Intel Processor Identification Utility
System Information:
Benchmark Tools:
System Speed Test 32
3D Benchmark VGA
CPU Benchmark
CD Index
BIOS Tools:
Hard Disk Installation Tools:
MaxBlast 5 (Maxtor)
DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate)
Disk Manager (Seagate)
Disk Manager (Samsung)
Hard Disk Diagnostic Tools:
Drive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi)
Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu)
SeaTools for DOS (Seagate/Maxtor)
SHDIAG (Samsung)
HUTIL (Samsung)
DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital)
Data Lifeguard (Western Digital)
SCSIMax (Maxtor/Quantum)
GWSCAN (Gateway)
ESTest (ExcelStor)
Salvation HDD Scan and Repair
Hard Disk Device Management Tools:
Feature Tool (IBM/Hitachi)
AMSET (Maxtor)
MAXLLF (Maxtor)
UATA100 (Seagate)
Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital)
ESFeat (ExcelStor)
ATA Password Tool

Hard Disk Wiping Tools:
Darik's Boot and Nuke
Active@ KillDisk Free Edition

Hard Disk Cloning Tools:
HDClone (Free Edition)
EaseUs Disk Copy

Hard Disk Low-Level Editing Tools:
Disk Editor
PTS DiskEditor
Partition Tools:
Ranish Partition Manager
Cute Partition Manager
PTDD Super Fdisk
Partition Resizer
Active@ Partition Recovery
Partition Saving


Boot Managers:
Smart BootManager
Super Grub Disk

File Tools:
DOS Navigator
File Maven
Necromancer's DOS Navigator
Volkov Commander
Eraser for DOS

NTFS Tools:
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
Active NTFS Reader for DOS
Boot Partition
Avira NTFS4DOS Personal
Anti-Virus/Malware Tools:
F-Prot Antivirus for DOS
McAfee Antivirus Scanner

Network Tools:
Arachne WWW Browser
QNX Demo Browser (network + modem version) 4.00
DOS Boot Disks:
FreeDOS Boot Disk
LZ-DOS Boot Disk
OpenDOS Boot Disk
MS-DOS Boot Disk
NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk
MSRRC: Bart's Network Disk Clone 3.35
Linux Boot Disks:
Tom's Boot Disk

Ultimate Boot CD Mirror Site.           This Web Site also describes the Bootable CD

FreeMe2 WebSite

Remove Digital Rights Management (DRM) from WMV, ASF, and WMA Files

Use Guide:
Open Command Prompt  - (Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt) or (Start>Run>Type cmd click OK)
Navigate to the FreeMe 2 Folder - Type cd "space" (the path to the folder where freeme2 is) (cd>a space>the path to the FreeMe2 folder)
Type freeme2 NameOfFile.wma (freeme2>a space>the name of the file you wish to convert with its extension)
Note: the wma file you wish to convert needs to be in the same folder as freeme2.exe and libeay32.dll in order for it to function properly.

Currently FreeMe2 support three options: v, s and 2.
Any combination of those is valid.
v - verbose mode
S - ask for SID2
2 - use FreeMe2 original decryption engine (by default FreeMe2 uses MPlayers one).
Example configurations:
Decrypt file; ./FreeMe2 NameOfFile.wma
Decrypt file in verbose mode;./FreeMe2 -v NameOfFile.wma
Decrypt file but force program to ask for sid;./FreeMe2 -s NameOfFile.wma
Decrypt file but force program to ask for sid in verbose mode;./FreeMe2 -vs NameOfFile.wma
Decrypt file but force program to ask for sid in verbose mode using FreeMe2 decryption engine../FreeMe2 -vs2 NameOfFile.wma

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