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Free OTA Blackberry Software

OTA stands for Over The Air

What it means to you is that when you click the download link from the browser in your Blackberry, the download and installation will begin. Many times it will require you to check a box for permissions, and view them. After doing so, click your back button or scroll to, and click on ok, to end viewing permissions. The installation will then continue to completion.

Free Chronograph / Timer
Free Chronograph / Timer WebSite

A very useful Stopwatch / Timer for free.
Stopwatch with lap feature and ability to copy to clipboard.
Timer with preset values and dual alarms.
This is really something I feel RIM should have built into every BlackBerry. You can get the program at the OTA link above.
The program has quite a few features and works very well.
Installation can only be done over the air at this time. The install is around 23KB so don’t worry to much about data transfer charges if you are on pay as you go.
There is no real support page but you can really figure out the program by yourself. There are no separate configuration options so I will go straight into the meat of the application.
Interface: The program is broken into two parts, the chronograph and the timer.
You can change between the two of these by selecting the option you want in the drop down menu.
By default you start in the chronograph setting.
Chronograph Usage: The chronograph is a simple and easy to use stopwatch. There is a start and reset button for you to control the chronograph. Below these buttons are the complete elapsed time and then the time for the current lap. You can then program another lap by clicking in on the lap button that shows up once you hit start. Every time you hit the lap button your time is recorded below in a ever growing column. The column shows the total elapsed time and the length of the recorded lap. Once you hit the stop button you have the option to copy the lap information into the clipboard using the copy to clipboard option in the menu.
Timer Usage: There are a couple of preset options in the menu to count down from.
You also have the option to create your own intervals.
You have Espresso which is 25 seconds. Then you have 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minute preset intervals.
You can set up to two additional alarms for the timer. For example you can make it alert you when there is 5 minutes left and 1 minute left. This is completely user customizable. There is also the option to choose from around 20 different alerts. Sadly there is no option to use ringtones and mp3’s that you have on your device. You also have the option to choose your alert based on vibration, tone, or vibration+tone together. This kind of rounds out the application. The application also stays open if you have a current timer or chronograph running and you hit the back button twice.
Currently there is a bug that if the time is updated on the BlackBerry while the program is running it will mess up the count.
This is not a big bug but can get in the way if you have auto time update with your desktop or carrier. The other bug noticed is that the talk and end buttons are supposed to start and stop the countdown.
The talk button does start the countdown but the end button exits the application. Neither of these are biggies so you can more or less disregard them.

One Touch Flashlight (Free)
One Touch Flashlight from Blackberry App Store

A free Flashlight app that employs the Blackberry's camera flash, NOT the dim, screen back light. This delivers a bright light when you need it.
There is also a paid version without a nag screen, which stays on until you turn it off, instead of until your backlight times out.
Note: The backlight time out seems to be significantly extended with the free version. Use the backspace button to exit the app and shut the light off.
Unless you use it allot for long durations, the Free version should be adequate. I have yet to see my free version time out and shut off on its own.

jmIrc WebSite
IRC Client for Blackberry

jmIrc allows cell phone owners to use IRC wirelessly.
It supports connecting through an HTTP proxy server on phones that don't support the Java socket API.
Its aim is to be as small and lightweight as possible, still trying to maintain the ease of use, and all needed features.
It functions as a hybrid, implementing all the most useful features from other clients.

Some features:
Should run on any J2ME device.
Tries to be small and easy to use (33 kB  to 49 kB).
Supports multiple windows, and scrolling is easy with pgup / pgdown and home / end buttons.
Supports Russian codepages KOI8-R, and Windows-1251 natively.
Supports UTF-8 auto detect, native encoding / decoding, and fallback char set, if decoding fails.
Supports connecting through an HTTP proxy, and provides a standalone easy-to-set-up proxy.
You can add favorites for most used phrases, and send them with few button presses.
Full and working support for mIRC colors.
All files are free software and are GPL including the proxy code.

T-Mobile Users:
In Blackberry Settings under TCP
Add this APN:

Other Cellular Providers may require a different APN in order for jmIrc to function.
For your convenience here is a list of APN settings I found for the most common Cellular providers in the USA.
See the Windows Download Page IRC Client section for servers to log in to when you are setting up your jmIrc IRC Client.

Slacker Web Site

Listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry® with this free app!
Choose from any of the Slacker genre stations or create your own.
Listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your BlackBerry® for free!
You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your BlackBerry.
You'll have detailed artist biographies, full album reviews and more.
The music can be stored on your phone so you can listen even when you don't have a connection! May require APN settings

Google Maps
Google Maps WebSite

With Google Maps one can receive turn by turn directions, find local businesses as well as other points of interest, discover traffic delays, and use location finding capabilities similar to a GPS receiver via Google's new My Location feature without actually having a GPS receiver installed on your device. It works with greater accuracy when coupled with either a built in, or Bluetooth GPS receiver, but its ability to provide location service without a GPS receiver will be of great value to those who's phone does not include a GPS receiver. Google Maps for Blackberry includes other features as well. See their website more details.

Google Latitude
Google Latitude WebSite

Google Latitude tells you where your friends are and lets you set different levels of location sharing for your current location.
Google Latitude integrates Google Maps.
Google Latitude can be used on Phones, Computers, or both.

Viigo WebSite

Viigo boasts an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, that delivers a wide range of customizable content and services from some of the world's leading content providers and publishers. You'll enjoy breaking news, rich weather, real-time sports scores, stocks and finance, audio and podcasts, entertainment, social networking, shopping and blogs in one simple, downloadable application.
Just click and go…with Viigo!
Instant access to breaking news, entertainment, sports, finance, weather, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, games, local attractions, and more.
Make navigating your day effortless with Viigo.

Yahoo! for Blackberry WebSite

May require APN Settings.

WeatherBug (Free)
WeatherBug on Blackberry App World

Weather Bug keeps you informed with live local weather, severe weather alerts, in depth forecasts, camera views, detailed radar maps and international weather.
Features of the Blackberry WeatherBug application are:
Live local weather for your location.
Current weather, forecast and NWS alerts for your GPS location.
A BlackBerry desktop icon that dsiplays current conditions and outdoor temperature.
"Always on" NWS weather alerts, such as Tornado warnings.
7 day, and hourly forecasts.
Display detailed radar and maps.
Includes daily National Weather Outlook broadcasts.
Ability to check the weather on BlackBerry Maps, by simply touching any area on the map for 2 seconds.
View snapshots, and time lapse animations, from more than 2,000 weather cameras in the U.S.
Pull location information right from your contact list, when setting up new locations.

Poynt WebSite

Poynt is a free, local search application for your BlackBerry smart phone.
Connecting you with the local businesses, restaurants, retailers and events.
View search results on an interactive map, get driving directions, see show times, watch movie trailers and buy tickets.
Relevant, accurate local search results, are available instantly on your Blackberry!
Poynt’s User Interface was developed specifically for BlackBerry smart phones to provide you with an easy to use, and aesthetically appealing experience.
Cell-site locates allow Poynt to quickly access your general location when GPS is unavailable.
The GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates. Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm smart phone also provides GPS access to users on the Verizon network.
Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps Mobile, with turn-by-turn directions provided through Google Maps.
Add frequently accessed listings to your BlackBerry Address Book, providing convenience for future lookups.
Integration with BlackBerry Email allows you to easily share listings.
See what is playing at nearby movies, watch trailers, view show times, read reviews, cast and synopsis, and purchasing tickets.
Get information on seating layouts, wheelchair accessibility and number of screens.
Add movie search results to your BlackBerry Calendar by date and show time, as well as invite friends to join you.
Ticket purchase links are also included.

BB OTA Program Downloads
Creators WebSite
BBToday Theme WebSite
BBWeather WebSite
BBLight WebSite
BBReply WebSite

BBToday is similar to the Home screen of a Pocket PC.
BBToday displays important information on your home screen.
It can list your 5 day forecast, new and total emails, tasks, appointments, as well as battery and signal strength all on the home screen.
The theme is open source and free.
BBweather gives users the ability to configure different profiles for several locations, while viewing from 2 to 10 days of weather forecasts.
Forcasts Temperature, dewpoint, humidity and other useful information.
BBlight allows you to set a time length for when your screen will turn off.
Useful if you’re watching a long video.
BBCorrector is Spell Checking utility for Blackberry.
BBreply is an email utility that allows one to alter the reply to address of emails you send out.
A replying recepient will then reply to a different email account than the one you mailed from.

Where WebSite

Where saves you time and money.
Wherever you are, Where will help you find restaurants, cheap gas, movies, weather, and news.
Local information includes restaurant reviews, weather, news, traffic updates, cheap gas, a store locator for top brands, movie show times and trailers, and the ability to message with other people.
Where provides location enabled coupons and special offers from top retailers and restaurants to help you save money. Where will help you get where you are going with its maps and directions.
You can also search on the Where's Web Site, then Save the discovered places or events, and they will automatically synch with the app on your BlackBerry.

Twitter for Blackberry
Blackberry Apps WebSite

Twitter lets you quickly post Tweets to the Twitter website, without loading the XHTML form in your browser.
Twitter lets you view your friend's timeline, or the public timeline.
The timelines show the user's icon, the Tweet, username, and relative time for easy browsing.

BCCthis WebSite

BCCthis integrates seamlessly into your email client and allows you to compose private, secure messages to certain selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields of an email while simultaneously sending the main email to the entire group. No additional software is needed by the recipient to view the private messages. Bccthis is currently available for a limited number of BlackBerry devices with OS 4.6 and above.
Works with all types of email accounts. Recipients of a Bccthis message can be on any client or device and do not need the Bccthis client installed to view or respond to incoming Bccthis messages.

SpoofCard WebSite

SpoofCard offers both FREE Test Drive and Paid services.
SpoofCard offers one the ability to alter the caller ID information received by the person receiving the phone call. (Free & Paid)
SpoofCard allows the caller to optionally alter their voice to appear male or female to the recipient of the call. (Paid Service Only)
SpoofCard allows the caller to record, download as an MP3 & listen to their calls, or share them via email, Facebook & Twitter. (Paid Only)SpoofCard allows the caller to optionally bypass ringing the called persons phone, and go straight to their voicemail to leave a message. (Paid Only)
Works over land line telephones, cellular phones, and your computer. FREE Call Spoofing App download available for most smart phones.
Phone spoofing is legal in all 50 states in the United States. Your application of it may or may not be illegal.

Some Legal Uses Include:
Protect or hide your personal phone numbers from business clients who do not accept blocked numbers. i.e. A doctor calling patients back.
Test to see if someone is ignoring your calls, but answering someone else's.
Make it appear that you are somewhere you are not.
Catch a cheating spouse or cheat on a spouse.
Calling back an unknown number.
Responding to Classified Ads.
Certain prank calls to friends. (harmless pranks)

Some of the shady and possibly illegal applications may include (informational purposes only - to protect yourself):
Get information from someone who would otherwise not give it to you, by impersonating someone else.
Hack into someone's voicemail, like a rival or a spouse (Note: this is felony trespass / eavesdropping if you get caught) by calling their number from their own number (spoofed) to gain access their voicemail.
Cancel or alter someone's phone or other account by appearing to be calling from the accounts associated phone number.
Stalking someone.
Verify / activate a stolen credit card, in order to begin use, by calling from the persons home phone number (spoofed) in order to activate it.
Talk someone out of an account number, password or other sensitive information by impersonating someone else or an organization.
(For these reasons you should the utilize password features on all your accounts, including voicemail, and your phone account itself) Never trust anyone calling in to you about anything potentially sensitive, no matter what!!! Just say to them "look, can I call you back?"
Note: Most law enforcement, and financial institutions numbers are blacklisted from Call Spoofing service.
80% of users are women trying to catch a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend!
This service is only illegal if used to commit fraud, or cause some type of harm.
Your real Caller ID will never be revealed to common people, but there is a record, and it is possible to trace it, if  law enforcement is involved.
Paid Service uses credits. Credits are for minutes used. Most calls cost 1 credit per minute:
$4.95 (25 Credits) (5.05 cents per credit)
$9.95 (60 Credits) (6.03 cents per credit)
$19.95 (130 Credits) (6.52 cents per credit)
$79.95 (560 Credits) (7 cents per credit)
$299.95 (2500 Credits) (8.33 cents per minute)
Discount coupon code 0808 can be used
towards the purchase of any size SpoofCard.

You Sign Up for your pin when you buy credits!

Test Drive seems quirky - Test revealed
1 blocked number, and 1 spoofed number
but not the one entered, when dialing from the first phone.
Two more test calls both worked perfectly when dialed from a
different phone. Test Calls last one minute. You get 3 per dialing phone.

Paid OTA Blackberry Software Worth Mentioning
BGT Calendar Pro
BGT Calendar Pro on Blackberry App World

BGT Calendar Pro enables you to keep track of your schedule right on your Blackberry home screen.
Never miss an appointment, meeting, birthday or anniversary again!
A fixed calendar preview of your most recent up coming scheduled events, that is always visible right on your home screen.
12 icons in a scrolling dock which give quick and easy access to your apps. (The normal 6, but they scroll with a swipe to display the other 6)
Top corner app slot which can be used for a weather app. Weather app not included - WeatherBug Free recommended.
Comes with simple and clean blue wallpapers, but is customizable / wallpaper friendly.
Keeps your Standard icons and menus.
User definable fonts via: options >> screen & keyboard.
Note: This is a theme and not an app. Cost is $2.99 and well worth unlocking the true power of your Cells Calendar. This will become invaluable!

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